My thoughts on One Manga and Manga Fox getting shut down

where be muh manga

Oh well. They were pretty convenient sites whenever I was on a budget or in a hurry for some good manga reading. Not that big of a loss, at least for me. Granted, it was fun browsing through random titles and reading whatever looked interesting immediately.

As long as they don’t purge the whole internet of scanlation sites, I’m cool with this. That kind of move would be one of the most retarded moves the manga industry could ever make. I know a good amount of people (including me) that like to read unlicensed titles before they hit the United States, to make sure we like it or not, before buying (in extreme cases, some titles don’t get licensed at all). Nothing beats holding the actual manga books!

I can understand the Japanese manga industry intervening, since a good amount of bastard-fans over there like to pirate raw scans and scanlations despite having access to those products.

Manga isn’t even that expensive in Japan, compared to the DVDs and video games. It’s not even expensive at all. They’re cheaper than manga books in the United States. Way to potentially screw some of us over. ):<

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  1. As long as they don’t touch Mangatraders and Tokyo Toshokan, i’m good to go.

    Seriously, the manga section in my country’s bookstores barely fills two short rows…mostly Bleach, Naruto and Pokemon. Bleh!

    Why, WHY is there no legit online distribution of translated manga chapters from the publishing houses? Just copy the iTunes and Steam model. With DRM even.

    Y’know the Japanese publishers can use a really strong anti-scanlate strategy by only using narrower (vertical) speech bubbles and asking their manga-ka to draw the characters in such a way that if the scanlators shop in wider/bigger bubbles (to accommodate horizontal writing) the resulting image panels will look horrible.

    Then they can sell a re-drawn western version on a later date.

  2. Speaking of which, do you know any online retailers of Japanese manga that ship overseas for reasonable prices? IIRC is at least 20 bucks for out-of-Japan shipping T_T

  3. @CorporateRat: They have tons of those services, dude. Yen Press charges $3 a month to read some Square Enix manga. Viz has Shonen Sunday and this:
    I believe Tokyo Pop has some online manga and Square Enix is planning on opening some Digital Store for the United States this Fall.
    Raiga: Only site I know that sells Japanese manga cheap to United States citizens is eBay. Some of them appear to have the original price plus about $5 to $7 shipping (so far, whenever I browse FMA, don’t know about other series, though). Better than $20+, right? 😛

  4. I was sad to see One manga get shut down didn’t know about the other one too! doh where to read my manga now…guess I have to buy it?! noooo!!!

    They should do a subscription fee thing pay 10bucks get x amount of manga..or something digital Download sites!

  5. @foshizzel: They do have that kind of service for some series. IDK, it would be a good move to make most of their titles digital with subscription fees, since that’s in high demand, but personally I prefer reading manga the regular way, if you know what I mean. 😛

  6. Eh, far as I know nothing’s happening to Mangafox. It’s just a matter of time though…

    …better get those flight tickets ready 😛

  7. @Mushrulez: Yeah, they’ve starting removing a ton of their manga. A pirating site situated in China is never a good thing to be when there’s a war on scanlations going on… It’s only a matter of time. 😛

  8. Maybe this will get people up and actually buying manga now….hopefully. I just hope they do not pull some dick move and raise the prices again T_T

    Either way, I half way pleased the sites were shut down..though I must confess I used them as well for quick reading.

  9. @Kairu90: If they do, I’m going to resort to finding contacts on how to find Japanese manga for their cheap original prices.
    Heard that some of these sites tried to leech some revenue from their users. If that’s the case, I’m kind of glad too. That’s a horrible thing to do with other people’s scanlations that they release to the public for free.

  10. Ya, manga is half the price in Japan compared to the US. I don’t think the US publishers need to make the quality of the manga material any different either, feels just fine when compared to the Japanese versions.

    It’s sad to see them go, I’ve picked up quite a few titles because of them and was something nice to see every once in a while.

    There’s a couple places where I live that sell used Japanese manga but the prices are about the retail value in yen if new. I know they buy back books at super low prices too ^^;;.

  11. @AS: I can see why they’re super cheap in Japan. Most kids and business folks like to buy manga for some light-reading the bus. I hear they got vending machines for Jump manga over there too.
    Yeah, One Manga actually inspired me to buy titles I’d never thought I would want to buy.
    Sometimes I get the feeling that this war on scanlations (in Japan’s case) has nothing to do with the lowered sales, but the prices… Mangaka probably get more money than the publishing companies due to the royalties (if the series gets big enough to span anime, video games, and whatnot). I’m not exactly an expert on this, but yeah, just speculating.

  12. well, it’s cheap to in my area, that’s why I kinda surprised to see a manga cost around $10 in Tokyopop, while we could buy a comic book (manga) around $1-$2 here.

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