Black★Rock Shooter (OVA)

Black Rock Shooter

Where did you go?

And it looked so easy on K-ON!!

A major complaint people have with this OVA is the fact that it skipped between the real “slice-of-life” world and the action-packed “Black Rock Shooter” world during the whole story. Basically, people who watched it were confused and didn’t get it because things weren’t taking place chronologically to begin with.

Can you hear my voice?

How much longer must I scream?

Unlike others, it was clear to me that they weren’t going to spoon-feed me the plot. Instead, I let it all piece together as I watched the film. It certainly felt like this OVA was aiming to do just that. Why do Black Rock Shooter and the Death Master look like Mato and Yomi? What do their battles have to do with the drifting friendship between these two girls? All the answers slowly came together as I watched.

At the same time, I took in the gorgeous animation and sound work, enjoying the high production values and the artistic side of this animation. The other dimension made me feel as if I was watching Toki o Kakeru Shōjo again.

Not to mention, the checkered backgrounds were yum!

How many more tears shall I shed?

Everyone knows how it feels when your best friend seemingly leaves you out in favor of another person, surely? It’s not exactly an original idea for a story, but just because it wasn’t original doesn’t mean it’s bad.

Admittedly, the story that we’re given in this OVA lacked any in-depth explanations, but it was all written to fit into fifty minutes of animation. You thought a fifty minute OVA was going to be a masterpiece? I’ve learned to stop giving myself up to hype, and other people should do so too. Or else you’ll start watching something that isn’t even bad and feel immensely disappointed for nothing.

I won't reach any further into the distance...

to the boundaries of the dawn-kissed sky

Besides, any Trope Savvy individual would realize all of the Sequel Hooks they slipped into this OVA. You’d be blind if you didn’t notice. Surely, there’s more to come. All the unanswered plot threads and the way this OVA ended makes it obvious that there’s going to be some type of sequel.

And frankly, I wouldn’t mind revisiting this beautiful world a couple of more times. 😛 I loved how they slipped in an instrumental version of the Black★Rock Shooter song during BRS and Mato’s fusion.

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  1. @Troy (トロイ): The unanswered things that happened in this OVA (such as the appearances of “Black★Gold Saw” and “Strength”) and the cliffhanger ending pretty much says they’re gonna make a sequel.
    If you pay attention to the train scenes, you’ll notice a girl that looks like “Black★Gold Saw”, pretty much saying that something big was going on in this OVA’s world. Her relevance to the story was also never revealed. The story has room for expansion.

  2. @Mikoto: I did notice the girl on the train and i don’t know… I just think that if it was a short series they would have been able to tell the story a bit better instead of having to stuff it all into 50 mins. I was looking online and there are a lot more characters that didn’t make it into the OVA and if it was a series they could have been brought in! I know there will probably be a sequel but i think one that follows the same non linier “world jumping” format that this one did would not work well.

  3. @Troy (トロイ): The world jumping seemed like something creative they’d try to do introduce us to the story with the other selves. I thought it was pretty artistic if it was only done here. The unused characters only support my predictions for upcoming TV sequels or more OVAs.
    Kind of reminds me of the old Sky Girls OVA, only I enjoyed this one a lot more and hardly enjoyed that one at all. 😛 If they didn’t continue it, I’d be pretty disappointed, but I’m still glad I enjoyed it despite its shortcomings.

  4. Great animation and awesome soundtrack can’t wait to see if any Ost’s come out for this, the story was a bit out there for me but you slowly get an idea as to what is going on.

    Would love to see the next ova explain a bit more on what the other girls were, some one commented on this being cute like K-on and a bit like Bleach, I kind agree to a bit of that.

  5. I wouldn’t mind revisiting either. Agreed that it seems so likely that Yuu will get her time too in the spotlight.

  6. @foshizzel: The animation and music were great! I can see where the K-ON! comparison comes from during the slice-of-life bits: Mato reminded me of a mix of Yui and Ritsu, while Yomi reminded me of a mix of Mio and Mugi. I can’t see the Bleach comparison, though. I guess the way they handle their weapons is KIND of similar…
    @Yi: Yup. Way too much foreshadowing with her to not have a sequel. 🙂

  7. The OVA was quite enjoyable. I hope they do make a sequel. I did the same as you and just watched until the end for the entire plot to unfold itself.
    I did kind of enjoy the skips between Slice of Life and action. It was a very interesting contrast that even the worlds themselves showed.

    I have to say one thing…..Dead Master has gravity defying hair….or either a TON of hairspray.

  8. like Black Rock Shooter to the max, and I really hope “Kokoro” from Kagamine Rin also made for OVA.

    First, I thought this OVA will be a standalone, but it seems there will be continuation for this.

  9. Hello!! I’m a fan of black rock shooter (I do not know the video game A0V the Limited Time Offer) (I’m french) I really like the images of the articles especially the girl with blue eyes she is very pretty! ! The girl with green eyes has made ​​me think of my friend I do not know why.
    (I’m sorry if my English is not correct)


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