High School of the Dead 05

Don't fucking mess with him

Hirano’s a fucking badass! Don’t ever mess with the creator of Hellsing.

This episode had the best zombie-killing scenes, hands down.

Chin rub

Just as planned

Chin rubbing. You know the rules.

Are these kids stupid? He just marked his territory! They all just became his bitches.

Also, can you say… “orgy bus”?

I'd stick my Pokemon in their Pokeballs

Too bad all three of the hot girls left the bus.

Oh yeah, and one Kouta.

Not gonna be fun watching (about) four guys getting it on with two below-average girls, Shidou. *Sausages* outnumber the quality *kittens*… er, unless you swing that way. I’m pretty sure Shidou swings that way.

Ganguro girl fetish

I has ganguro girl fetish

Out of all the deaths of the minor civilians so far, this has to be one of the most pitifully sad ones. And I emphasize the pitiful.

Looks like the authorities aren’t gonna go easy on a bunch of juvenile delinquents, especially during a zombie apocalypse. Kind of messed up how they were dropped into the ocean that high up, though.

Highway 666

The zombies are friggin’ coming and the road is blocked off by the cops.

Why couldn’t this be highway “777”?



Yes. Yes. Hirano deserved the gun way more than Takashi.



marry me

omg Saeko is fcking hot, I WANT HER TO BEAR MY CHILDREN. T_T

Work of art

Work of art

Let’s all take a moment and admire the amount of detail Madhouse puts into their animation. Mhmmmm… yes.

Kouta will get some soon enough

And this is where I start to ship this pairing. A badass gun freak like Kouta deserves to get some of the pink-haired, fanged megane tsundere.

Things are just better that way. =D

Hueg tank

The van is thiiiiiiiiiiis big.”

Stop exaggerating, you stupid sensei. Your friend’s tank isn’t that big.

insert drool here

It’s much smaller. Of course, that’s just the way I lik-…

It's not that great

…oh, you meant this.

Somehow, I feel a little diappointed…

Action girl

The action girl…


The tsundere…

Jealous girlfriend

The jealous girlfriend…

Slutty teacher

The slutty teacher…

I hope this doesn’t turn into a zombie harem show… er, I mean, harem in a zombie show.

Of course, the former technically has the possibility of happening.

Rei discovers she's a les

NEXT EPISODE: Something hot happens (nsfw). It’s probably gonna be censored like hell, though.

Not much happened in this episode other than the two groups reuniting and leaving that loony teacher with his little pets. As long the next episode has a hot bath scene, I can care less about the quality of the show. It better be good.

It sure is hard being a teenager.

6 thoughts on “High School of the Dead 05”

  1. did they just remove the scene from the manga where [spoiler]hirano shot the teacher with his makeshift rifle?[/spoiler]

  2. I dunno, I believe that scene happened. Was it supposed to hit any vital parts? Because he did do that, but it didn’t kill him.

  3. [spoiler]well in the manga, hirano missed sticking a nail on that perv’s cheek then ranting on how much oppressed he was when he was still living a normal life just because that teacher would just let him be bullied. guess i have to wait awhile before this gets subbed by my sub group preference XD[/spoiler]

  4. Yeah, that happened.

    And I must say, that was AWESOME. Bullies get what they deserve – pants full of piss. xD

  5. @Troy (トロイ): Very! This episode was kind of slow too, but at least we got a badass zombie slaughter unlike the last episode. 😛

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