Shiki 04

This shit is tense

The look on Natsuno’s face sums up my thoughts. Damn, this show is doing a good job at making me tense, especially this episode.

Return of the dead!

God dammit

I guess it wasn’t that bad getting stalked by some hot chick every night. Natsuno should have went for it.

Now that she’s a vampire, I’m guessing that isn’t the case anymore.

Ugh, just bite him already, go away, and stop being creepy!

Creepy little girl in Seishin's secret base

Did I mention how much I hate creepy little girls? Oh, yeah.

Creepy little girl, wanders around at night due to a “disease” preventing her from going out in the sun, talks about death in the most unnerving sense, and has big shadowy eyeballs. My mother taught me never to judge people by their looks. Totally not a vampire.

Seishin, you idiot. Get out the stakes and crosses! And maybe an AK-47 for good measure.


I know he’s actually straight and all, but something still feels pretty off.



I thought they were vampires! What is this Ring shit?! F-F-F-F-F-

He's pretty much...


He’s pretty much a goner.

I hate it when I’m right.

Fourth episode confirmed many things. One, the main cause of the strange deaths in the village are vampires. Okay, anyone with half a brain already knew that, but what *I* didn’t know was that these vampires make nasty crackling sounds when they move and can bend their necks in a variety of nasty ways (only applies to Megumi, I guess…).

Two, the Kirishiki family seem to be like all the other western vampires in literature and are unable to roam the village during the day.

Three, Megumi’s everlasting affection for Natsuno seems to keep her from feasting on his blood. At least, for now.  “Yuuki-kun~”

Lastly, Tohru’s death is inevitable. Alas, we knew ye well. Good luck with the date, btw. 🙂

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  1. xd later they say “they look the same as us” same my ass,I don’t have weird creepy looking eyes!

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