K-ON!! 17


Even my hands turned yellow!

[insert head scratch] Uh, what? Yui, I think you mean yellower. 😛

Battle Music

Out of place? Definitely in the looks department, but all physical activities need some kind of epic background music going on!

Or else it’s just not right. You’re doing them a favor, Houkago Tea Time.


I want muh animal songs

My love is black and white like a panda.

I can’t blame those fangirls for opening a Mio fan club anymore. I just can’t.

Ritsu should have taken Mio to feed the deer when the senior girls went to Kyoto for that field trip. Mio fans all around the globe would have loved to see her pull a Tsukasa.

Bulletin board

Fridge logic

I believe actual students are the only ones legally regulated to join a high school club, Yui. She’s so adorably dense sometimes all the time. (;

Though, I wonder what kind of club applicants they would get if they posted something in the studio bulletin… because I have a vague idea. *shot*

Yui has a point

Well, she kind of has a point there. The studio is pretty small.

…Man, her sister spoils her way too much.

Doujin bait

In proper K-ON! tradition, I smell strange doujins coming our way in about a week. orz

Incidentally, I do weird things in front of security cameras too. Really. It’s really, really, tempting. Like, really (okay, I’ll stop now). They need to learn how to hide that crap better.

Hey, don’t tell me I need to learn some restraint!

I can't has tea

Mugi: I can’t has tea?


Detective Mugi

I get the feeling that Mugi is really into detective novels. That, or she’s practicing what the commoners call “plagiarism.”


Shy Azunyan

Shy Azunyan~ reading lyrics? <3


Happy turtle is happy

Happy turtle is happy.

Displeased girls are displeased

Displeased girls are displeased.

Azunyan~’s love for Ton-chan is so. Effin’. Cute.

Yui, Ritsu, Mio, and Mugi disapproved, but *I* approve. Definitely.


Yui's head is huge

Was it just me or did some weird optical illusion make Yui’s head look extremely big during this scene?

The again, the screenshot above looks kind of normal to me now. The hell?! o_o

Opening shot

This looked like one of those closing group shots that Kyoto Animation regularly puts in their K-ON! openings.

yandere on the inside

Ui’s obsession and idolization of her sister is starting to worry me. It feels like she can go yandere on the other girls any minute if they ever put Yui down in front of her face.


I can't has full credit?

Yui: I can’t has full credit?




I’m still surprised by how much Ui looks like Yui with her hair down. I haven’t seen a family resemblance this extreme since Dragon Ball where all three men of the family had the same face. And you’re trying to tell me that they’re not twins?

Incidentally, my little brother and I used to look like twins when we were below the age of ten. My sister looks like a female version of me when I was a toddler. What is this?! The Goku syndrome is plaguing my family too!

Touching scene

Despite Yui sounding totally dependent on her sister in her lyrics, it’s a pretty heartwarming scene to see Yui acting like something that actually resembles an older sister. 😛

FMA reference?

I wonder if KyoAni deliberately tried to remind me of FMA with this shot of Yui (and just a few weeks after it ended too!).

Timid Mio

Mio will never succeed in being the mature girl of the group.

Doesn’t she make you want to say “Awww, I want to take her home with me?” 😛


I /facedesk’d too @ KyoAni’s attempt to make us think Mio is moving in the next episode preview, when it’s just most likely her just getting a lead part in a play.

Nice try. But you can’t fool me!

2 thoughts on “K-ON!! 17”

  1. >Ritsu should have taken Mio to feed the deer when the senior girls went to Kyoto for that field trip. Mio fans all around the globe would have loved to see her pull a Tsukasa.

    Or a Shino. The deer rapes her too. And they have the same seiyuu.

  2. @SSS: They also look kind of similar.
    All three of them of them should have a crossover trip to Kyoto and feed the deer.
    It would be awesome.

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