Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi 06

Cute Ryouko

This looks surprisingly cute. ;D

This week’s episode was much more interesting than the last ones; mostly because it focuses on the three characters I actually give a crap about in this show.

We get a look at how Ringo and Ryouko met, as well as Ryoushi solidifying his resolve to become a stronger man for Ryouko. Hm, Ringo and Ryouko reminisced about their middle school days while I was busy at my middle school reunion yesterday? How fitting.

Pro tip: We should know by now that this anime hardly resembles the fairytales it alludes to in its episode titles.

Pouty Ryouko

This is what she looks on the outside, the first pic is what she looks like on the inside.

Ryouko plays up the tsundere role pretty straight, but I like it. <3

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