D•N•Angel Chapters 55-58


Where have I been these past two days? I’ve been getting back into the D•N•Angel manga, along with a ton of other shoujo manga. I had to marathon a lot of D•N•Angel chapters, since it took one long ass hiatus and my memory of it is pretty iffy.

I forgot how much this manga got me high on kawaii, especially with the Daisuke x Riku pairing. <3 Very good shoujo manga. This definitely needs a new anime adaptation once Sugisaki is finished with the manga! =) High on kawaii

My friggin’ OTP of this series. Riku and Daisuke are just so adorable together! They’re both really shy around each other too, which makes it even extra cute.

I have a feeling that the whole point of this arc is to give Daisuke the courage to ask Riku out to the dance. ;D


Pretty bold statement coming from the chick that begged Daisuke to grab her hat from the edge of a friggin’ cliff.

Let’s start by not attracting attention to yourself, Daisuke.

Not big enough

I’m also pretty sure you’re not large enough to cover Dark’s reflection too.

zomg it's Roxas


Unwarranted hatred

Who is this mirror boy and why do I have the sudden urge to stick a thousand needles into his spine? ):< orite, his name is Rokuto. Looks like he dragged Daisuke into his world in order to have some kind of hawt threesome with the fake Riku. ...But hey, I'm just speculating. The name Rokuto gives me some "gay shouta" vibes. SUPER RETCOOONNNN

Roxas Mirror boy is an asshole in this manga. He’ sure is having fun giving Daisuke a mindfuck in this world behind the mirror.

+10 points for Daisuke’s ZETSUBOU face while thinking his relationship with Riku is a delusion. He loves her that much, yo.

Raping tiem

Dark is alone with Satoshi, has a devious look on his face, and is standing in a very dark corner looking like he’s ready to pounce.

Not a yaoi fan (at all), but if I didn’t know any better, I would say: IT’S RAPING TIEM!

Not friends

Strike ten for anime realism. Friends don’t go after the same person romantically while holding hands and skipping through a field of flowers.

Strike one for whoever is behind this mirror world for thinking up the most cliché scenario for Daisuke in this fake world.


Risa’s onto something here. When the hell did Riku ever express any interest in Dark Mousy, let alone any romantic interest? Strike two for the fake world. Epic failure.

Maybe everything’s supposed to be backwards…

This is confusing

Aw, what a cruel cliffhanger. )= I need more chapters.

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  1. NOOOOOO!!!!! more i need more or i can not live more i say MORE!!!! why did you stop there?!?!?! please tell me more will be up soon or i may just die!! i can’t wait to read more ^.^

    oh and by the way is this yaoi?? not to sound like yaoi is bad or any thing i love yaoi i was just wondering…. oh and your doing a grate job keep it up!! >.< hehe

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