High School of the Dead 06

Slutty teacher sex ftw

Drunken half-naked teacher tries to seduce a couple of high school students.

At this rate, this blog will be 0% child-friendly. xD Beware of pretty extreme-looking fanservice after the jump.

Hirano's expression looks epic

Takashi’s facial expressions do not match up with what he’s doing to the teacher, while Kohta’s like “fuck, why aren’t I doing that right now?”

Kouta's life is now complete

Maybe a zombie apocalypse isn’t a bad thing at all if you’re surrounded by hot chicks that are ready to give? ;D

Eh, maybe not. Other types of infections might spread – and I’m not talking about zombies!

Big breasts vs. bigger breasts

I find it amusing that Rei is jealous of Shizuka’s big tits when she has a pretty large pair herself. Apparently, it’s HotD’s equivalent of a flat chest…

The entire existence of these female characters is an excuse to have them grope each other. It’s not really hard to assume such a thing, based on the amount of mindless fanservice we’ve seen so far. But as a healthy male, how can I claim not enjoying it just a tad?

Bigger screenshot for convenient viewing. *ahem*

Zombie loli

Just four words to describe the zombie loli:

Lolicons don’t want it.

Pity sex

Rei’s apology for being a bitch to Takashi: SMEXING HIM UP!

Don’t really like her character. One minute she swoons over Takashi and the next she’s putting him down by comparing him to her dead boyfriend. Make up your mind, woman! And when it feels like she’s finally redeemed herself in the last few episodes, she decides to be a bitch again.

Wouldn’t really say “no” if I was in Takashi’s position, though. Oh nom nom. : – D


If you couldn’t tell by looking at Hirano’s face, the heroes recieved new badass guns in this episode.

This new development was overshadowed by all the mindless fanservice, though.


Does this mean there’s no zombie dogs in HotD?



It’s nice to know that some cops feel guilty about their immoral actions during this crisis.

R.I.P. random police chief.

This episode was mostly just fap material. Although, it was pretty interesting to see the police slowly dive into madness. I wonder if the root of the infection really was the result of the government pulling an Umbrella. My #1 rule of horror-themed media: If it isn’t creepy, I expect it to have it explained to me.

Not suggestive

Next episode: Saeko sucks on a cucumber bitter melon. You WOULD think that’s suggestive. 😛

Next episode preview disturbed me because they made it sound like Azunyan~ was getting loli-raped by her “onii-chan”. D: -shiver-

9 thoughts on “High School of the Dead 06”

  1. That whole bathtub play made me confirm the fact that anime girls never behave like normal girls. I mean c’mon…. >.>

    Btw, thats’s a bitter melon, not cucumber but wait, melon? I rest my case. >.>

  2. It’s a bitter melon? I always have those cut up in halves whenever I eat soup every morning and it’s usually a lighter green, so maybe that’s why I didn’t recognize it? LOL
    Thanks for the correction. 😛

  3. reading your annotations cracks me up lool.. anyways, just finished watching that episode .. cant wait till episode 7 😀

  4. @Iggy: My alternate text always aim to please! 😛
    Yeah, can’t wait for the next episode too. I’m enjoying the series due to it being a clusterfuck of zombie action, good animation, and fanservice (damn, any one else thinks Madhouse should animate a hentai?). xD

  5. Hey, if their fanservice looks this good, imagine them going full out. xD
    Not that I actually want them to do it. Don’t want one of my favorite animation companies to tarnish their image.

  6. Nice review have to agree imagine if they did go all out on other projects lmao…I can see the Dvd’s now with bonus adult themed episodes or something can only imagine what they have in store after this series ends.

    And I agree about your Rei comments she is messed up in the head..she can’t decide what to do!

  7. @foshizzel: Hope they shy away from fanservice-filled shows after this. HotD is cool and entertaining, but their more serious projects tend to be some of the best.
    I think Rei’s a yandere pretty much ready to explode if any more girls flirt with Takashi. xD

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