K-ON!! 18

Raping time

The majority vote for Mio as Romeo is just asking for some disturbing speculations about the fantasies of Mio’s fans.

It’s cool that they can see the rather obvious Slap Slap Kiss relationship friendship between Mio and Ritsu, though. Even if I always thought Ritsu would be the man of the house.

Playful teasing Azunyan

We enjoy her

I see that Azunyan~ is blissfully enjoying the power of teasing the teaser for once. (´ ▽ `)

Tree G is the most important part

So far, Yui is the only person I know that can take stride in playing the part of a tree – fictional or not. At least she’s working hard. I want to see Ui praise her for the stupendous acting performance!

I’m actually expecting Yui to mess up in one way or another. Yes, she’s playing a tree. That’s why.

Mio the adorable turtle

“I want to be like Ton-chan.”

Mio’s days as the only sane member of the group seem like they were a decade ago.

Cute Ritsu? In my K-ON?

Cute Ritsu? In my K-ON?

She should show this side of hers more often. Ritsu playing Juliet doesn’t seem too much of a far-fetched idea after making all of these pouty faces! Embarrassed Ritsu ftw.

Mio hug pillow

Mio hug pillow~ Mio happy”

I’ve seen Mio hug-pillows, but I’ve never seen Mio hugging a pillow before. Quick, KyoAni, go and make ten more episodes consisting of Mio hugging things! You’ll make a fortune.

Cute waitresses

An Azunyan~ and Yui waitress combo? Sorry ‘mam, my doctor doesn’t recommend that – I have high blood sugar.

KyoAni should make a set of interactive specials dedicated to Azunyan~ wearing waitress outfits in POV format – they’ll make millions off of me. /notcreepy

Max out your moe

I agree with Azunyan~. That hairstyle is not fitting for such a cute outfit. If only Ritsu let her hair down during these moments! Then I’ll be like 。◕‿◕。 yea.

Pen mindfuck

“It’s a pen. Sorry, I lied, it’s just string cheese. Just kidding, it’s actually a pen.”


Reminds me of the coffee-mindfuck scene in Tales of Symphonia (would be funnier in Japanese due to it sounding like Kamina dicking around with Fate).

Moe moe kyun

I was hoping Mio would be forced to do a “moé moé kyun~” – or better yet, Azunyan~


Who are you people?!

Wait, these background characters have names? And expectations? Well shit, I guess you better give us an awesome performance next episode.

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