Shiki 05

RIP Tohru-chan

More plot-oriented shows should add an element of surprise to their shows and drop the episode previews altogether like Shiki. We all know by now that episode previews usually spoil the crap out of us.

Case in point: During last episode’s cliffhanger, I thought Tohru was going to die. At the start of this episode, it seemed like Shimizu attempting to feast on his blood was all a dream, which made me relieved (because Tohru is cool). And then, they went ahead and surprised me by having him die anyway. I like it when shows do that to me, and if Shiki had an episode preview, I would probably know for sure Tohru was going to die here.

Painful blowjobs

It’s been a long time since vampires actually creep the shit out of me. A very long time.

J-Horror meets vampires? Japanese yurei + western vampires = Shiki? Seems to be the case to me. I like it.

Yeah, I’ll never post about Shiki during the day. Watching it at night adds to the atmosphere of the show.


FINALLY, someone shut this annoying, creepy-faced brat up. It’s a very pitiful thing for a grown man to be jealous of his own nephew even when his nephew was probably dying. Why was he even jealous of his brother’s wife, anyway? Did he want to smex his brother up or something?

Props to the library vampire dude for hitting the nail on the coffin (pun intended!). But wait, didn’t they say he was popular with the kids earlier in the episode? Oh crap, does this mean he’s a pedo vampire?

6 thoughts on “Shiki 05”

  1. So glad that emo kid died! agreed FINALLY!

    This show has the strangest and most unique character designs and hair..think thats the only thing I like about it so far the story is alright kinda boring in some spots.

  2. @foshizzel: Well, it’s atmospheric horror so I don’t think much “excitement” will make it any better. The slow-pace is good for an anime of this nature and I think that it’s perfect for a mystery-themed show. Makes it more creepy, imo.

  3. @Fabrice Requin: Seriously. Though it sucks that we might have an even creepier vampire on our hands. D:

  4. I also like that the vampies are so classic,I think it is a perfect show to watch if you need a soap to clean yourself from all the shity modern vampires that are popular nowadays…

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