Shiki 06


Finally, our two main characters are slowly beginning to realize the true plague causing the deaths in the village.

Unfortunately for Natsuno, crosses probably won’t do a thing against Shiki’s variation of vampires. That would be way too easy.

Time for the badasss doctor to get into action

Now that he knows what’s really been killing his beloved patients, our resident Dr. Toshio will probably have something up his sleeve for the next batch of episodes. Given this revelation and his tendency to give off some sort of badass aura, he’s probably going to pull a Roy Mustang on us, Shiki-style.

(And holy shit, I just realized they’re both voiced by the same guy – well, at least in the first Fullmetal Alchemist adaptation)

Natsuno is screwed

I would feel more sympathy for her if she didn’t keep on making those creepy faces.

Natsuno, it was not a good idea to piss her off. He’s obviously going to be her next target – let’s see how he gets out of this.

Can you say: female vampire raep?

That's just sick

I’m going to take a wild guess and say that the liquid within that glass isn’t apple juice.

No comment

I have a feeling our “virtuous” monk Seishin will fall prey to this loli vampire.

I mean that in various ways.

Aw shit

These kids are pretty much screwed, unless Megumi still cares about them or something and they get the Natsuno treatment. I actually have no idea how these vampires pick their targets – the blue-haired guy obviously picks out families to prey on and I assume they slowly die one by one.  I honestly can’t wait to find out how their hunting formula works.

EDIT: Do they even have internet in this village?! o_o The villagers seem to heavily rely upon the library for their research. I’m pretty sure Natsuno could have easily found information about the living dead from a search engine or something.

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  1. well the novel is old so I don’t there was internet at the time,ot at least not like nowadays that its like a necesity

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