High School of the Dead 07

Don't cry Alice T_T

The most enjoyable episode in this series so far. Yeah, that’s right. Maybe because this week’s episode was much more than an excuse to have the female characters grope each other. Ohoho. ;D

Alice putting that flower on her father’s dead corpse, in particular, pulled on my heartstrings. I guess I just have a soft spot for children who have loving parents that would protect them no matter what. >;

Mood killer

I admit, I’m just a softy in general. I was on the verge of breaking into tears until they killed the mood with THIS (just a second after that sad scene). Sheesh. 😛



I still don’t get the deal with Rei. One episode, she’s having a total bitch fit and then in the next episode, she’s a perfectly tolerable character. It’s like she has a hard time deciding on which character trope she wants to be and sticking with it. This episode was a fine example of her being tolerable; what with her :3 faces and all.

To be fair, this zombie apocalypse isn’t helping anyone psychologically. Even the main characters are struggling to keep what little humanity they have left in this fight for survival.

I guess she makes up for her faults by being hot (lolololol), but the same could be said for any [female] character in this show.

You know you have wet dreams for him too

No, it’s not a nightmare. Takagi’s just having a wet dream about Kouta.

We all have wet dreams about Kouta.

Wrong side looks right to me

“The wheel is on the wrong side!”

It looks fine to-… orite, East Asia. I kind of forgot for a minute there and assumed Shizuka was a dumb blonde. Which she kind of is, but you know what I mean. 😛

Hirano is the real hero of this show

Hirano is the real hero of this show. Despite being the bullet-crazy psycho (a LOVABLE bullet-crazy psycho), he was the first person to jump on the “save the little girl” bandwagon and said “screw you” to survival, while STILL gaining the highest kill count in this episode.

You know a character’s badass when he manages to get multiple headshots using a weapon he never used before. The guy would have made a great gun-toting superhero in Kick-Ass.


Should have made her go in the bushes before hopping on the edge of the wall.

To be fair, I would have pissed my pants too: walking on a “tightrope” surrounded by decayed corpses at the bottom… regardless if I actually needed to go or not. xD

The Zombie Killer Who leapt Through Time

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time reference, anyone?

Yeah, Takashi’s a cool main character. Pretty compassionate guy, even through all the shit he has to go through. And god damn, that’s a nice jump.

Takashi, despite what you think, you are indeed the main character of an anime. 8D Anime physics ftw.



Lucky landings! Poor Hirano looks like a pedophile.

I knew they were going to do some weird shit now that a little girl’s in the cast. I’m just hoping they don’t play around with Alice’s innocence too much with dirty fanservice. She’s adorable! <3

God, I loved the insert and ending songs in this episode. They really made the scenes more epic than they were supposed to be, which is saying a lot.

7 thoughts on “High School of the Dead 07”

  1. Poor Hirano looks like a pedophile

    I thought he is one… or am I just riding the otaku bandwagon?

    I’m just hoping they don’t play around with Alice’s innocence too much with dirty fanservice

    [spoiler]I do hope they keep intact alice and hirano’s duet of row, row, row your boat in the manga XD[/spoiler]

  2. This episode was an awesome! Now that I’ve gotten used to the fanservice, I didn’t even roll my eyes. Loved Kouta as usual. Nobuyuki is my hero. xD

    Nice referencing of the Girl Who Leapt Through Time (one of my favourites). ^^

  3. @Kyokai: I’m used to the fanservice by now too, but it still killed the mood when the bouncy boobs came right after the sad scene. lol

  4. Only one question remains in mah mind:




  5. Great episode this week, agreed with you on Rei…whats her deal? -shrug-

    Loved the music during the episode during the cool action moments! great stuff =D

    Alice with a gun..hmm interesting too loll.

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