Shiki 08

Don't let creepy little girls into your house

A mix of everything unsettling. Creepy little Japanese preschooler? Check. Angry ventriloquist girl with a puppet? Check. Creepy Japanese doll with disturbing teeth? Check.

Natsuno’s family is screwed! Probably not, but his mother really fucked them over by letting that creepy little thing into the house.

I'm worried about YOU!

You should be worried about yourself, Seishin. That loli looks like she’s out for some priest blood.

In all seriousness, I don’t know if I should feel sympathetic towards Sunako or just plained creeped out by the way she talks.

That's nice

That’s nice. Now get your hands off his face. And I mean NOW.


He pissed his pants

This is clearly the look of a man who had just pissed his pants. :3

The beginning of the counterattack against the vampires! Awesome episode. The creepy little girl appearing at Natsuno’s home was a great cliffhanger. I just wished there were more Toshio in this episode – I’m pretty curious about what he’s been up to regarding his own resistance against the “okiagari”.

2 thoughts on “Shiki 08”

  1. He isn’t breathing I so waited for him to try mouth to mouth on the guy…Lol

    2 things I noticed little kid had bars on his bed, and the creepy doll Loli was the big wtf moment for me xD

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