Merry Christmas to everyone!

The real season of loving

Just posting to wish you all a Merry Christmas. Spend time with your loved ones, don’t be a recluse and spend all your holidays playing games and watching anime by yourself! Do it with someone or something, just be sure to spend time with your loved ones in one way or another. ^_^

I might have sounded a bit preachy there, but I finally got to see my relatives from overseas in Asia after not being able to see them all my life, after spending my recent years thinking the holidays were a lame excuse to be nice to people just to get presents when you can be nice to people all year ’round. It was a pretty good feeling, and I hope you all experience the same kind of joy this holiday season.

There’s probably not gojng be any substantial posting from me the rest of the year until 2011. Maybe a random post here or there about the series I’ve been trying to watch, and maybe even a New Years post. Other than that, I’m just going to chill for the rest of the year. See ya.

Still stuck in Halloween (Ibitsu)


Holy effin’ balls. This is the creepiest manga I’ve ever read. No bullshit. Screw Higurashi. Screw Battle Royale. Screw that Highschool of the Dead BS. This is true horror on black and white pages.

I recommend everyone to kill their lights and read this (unless you somehow manage to get a hold of the actual book, in which case turning off the lights will be fucking stupid). This will make you piss your pants if you happen to have a little sister. Why, you ask? Read it and it will ALL make sense to you. I’m not taking out the trash EVER again.

(Yeah, I didn’t finish blogging the summer season. Sue me. My priorities at the moment are: college prep stuff > video games > anime. Too bad they’re not in the order in which I would prefer them to be. As an apology, here’s a funny video Steven showed me, which he found on VG Cats (wait, they actually updated?!). Cookies for anyone who can point out the person who is most likely saying “yyeah bitches” during that Black Friday stampede.)