So Far On Hanasaku Iroha…


The series is undoubtedly undecided on what it wants to be at this point, but I do enjoy watching the series. Sometimes I wish it was an hour long instead of your standard half-an-hour, since (like I said during the first three episodes) it reminds me of a live-action Asian drama and the cliffhangers are FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF-… like, the two episodes where the landlady is at the hospital should have been one episode.

On the shipping side of things, I like it how the chicks watching the show don’t find it creepy that mid 20-something Tohru is romantically interested in 16-year-old Ohana. Good thing for Tohru it’s an anime and not a live-action drama, or fans would have been up in his ass a long time ago.

Latest episode shows Ohana having dreams about that Shinto Shrine, involving some weird Kitsune spirit in the background and Kouichi slowly fading away as she slowly accepts her role at the Kissuiso. Really hope that doesn’t signify anything negative about the pairing and just means that Ohana just wants stay at Kissuiso for the time being, since she’s needed there unlike her old home. I mean, just an episode ago she was still thinking about Kou whenever the curiosity of boys (in that way) came up in her head and got extremely flustered whenever he called her. This long-distance thing reminds me of 5cm per Second.

Kou really needs to appear at the Inn at some point, because it would feel very empty if they don’t bring up a proper resolution for his confession (because he’s a good guy: 1) not having a confession answered to feels like shit 2) being friendzoned feels like shit 3) WHY DOES THE TUNNEL ALWAYS CUT OFF MY RECEPTION?!).


Also, inb4 the glasses chick is actually Kou’s sister.

Also, Minchi’s gradually warming up to Ohana. How sweet.