First Impressions of Sacred Seven

My shipper senses are tingling.

Comparisons on the net that I’ve seen in regards to  Code Geass seem very unfounded. Other than the art style looking rather similar at times and both series being produced by Sunrise, the series are nothing like each other aside from some use of mecha from minor characters. Sacred Seven reminds me more of a modern take on old school Japanese superheroes such as Cyborg 009 and Kikaider, rather than a rehash of Code Geass.

Sacred Geass Rider Seven hero... thing

The Scarf of Kicking Ass is handed down once again.

The first two episodes of Sacred Seven give it a very strong start. The main protagonist, Tandouji Arma, a rather lonely yet purposely withdrawn boy, slowly breaks into his role as a protector in the show’s first two chapters. Likewise, other named characters seem to be very relevant to the main story and aren’t just there for aesthetic purposes, as is found in other anime centered towards action.

I’m loving the design for Arma’s “hero form”. The design is very reminiscent of early Japanese superheroes, most notably the scarf à la Cyborg 009 and Kamen Rider. I wouldn’t be surprise if Sunrise took some inspiration from Japan’s legion of superheroes when designing his alternate form.

Lastly, FictionJunction once again provides us with a very cool opening song in “stone cold”.

She loves his Sean Connery

She’s loving the Sean Connery that he has going down there.

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  1. Hmmm. It does have some potential, but I think the episode could’ve done a little better. Otherwise, not a bad start.

    BEST PART ep1: They bought the entire school just to watch Arma. O_O.

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