I’ll be at Fanime 2012

Me on Yume's route

I apologize for not posting much since the middle of last year and AT ALL this year. I’ve been caught up in college. It’s obvious where I’d place priorities, right? And I’ve been playing more visual novels and reading manga than watching anime during my free time, along with hanging out with people at places that enriches my stomach. Da Capo II and Little Busters for the win! Hard to write about anime when you’re not watching at the same pace as everyone else right?

Starting on May 25, I’ll be going to the 2012 Fanime convention taking place at San Jose’s convention center, which conveniently coincides with the same day I take a summer break from college. I’m expecting to get a good experience from the convention. To atone for my borderline abandonment of this blog, I’ll post pictures and a write-up of my experiences at this year’s Fanime by mooching off any photos my friends take with their cameras.

One thing I’m expecting to see? THE POKEMEN!

Until they get kicked out.

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