A batch of Clannad tributes

Dango Daikazoku forever!

Just a few tributes to possibly one of the saddest visual novel stories ever told, in the form of full opening music videos. I hope you enjoy!

(This reminds me, I can’t wait for the translation of Key’s new visual novel Rewrite. Almost time for another round of emotional torture!)

2 thoughts on “A batch of Clannad tributes”

  1. Aw yeah. The anime really did Nagisa and Ushio’s route well. Some parts I would say were actually better than the VN, aside from how the anime ending pales in comparison to the VN ending, in terms of how it was presented to you. Every time I watch that scene in the snow, it never stops being so sad.

    Shame that awesome girls like Tomoyo got no justice even with her Other World episode. But other than that…
    As long as my other main pal Ushio got all the attention, nothing really matters. 😀

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