Accel World – First impressions

Rise up young boy and make yourself a legend

As a part of my anime-marathon craze during the onset of summer vacation, I’m about four episodes into Accel World. So far, the concept of escaping reality into a virtual world isn’t something I haven’t seen before nor is the story itself impressive, but it has a strong start in regards to presenting the setting in an understandable way and isn’t a bad show by all means. The animation is top-notch and there hasn’t been anything I have any particular problems with so far.

Right now, I’m rather enjoying it overall. One aspect of the anime that has impressed me so far is the fact that the main character, Arita Haruyuki, is not only shown to be a withdrawn character with low self-esteem, he is drawn in such a way that makes his situation more believable compared to other “bullied” characters (albeit in an exaggerated way) – he is short, round, and fat, as opposed to some of those melodramatic bishies that are prominent in Japanese media. It’s this fact alone that led me to trying out the anime in the first place.

Tall Girl Short Guy

Kuroyukihime is awesome. ^^

Let’s Nyaa! \(・ω・)/


I didn’t expect an anime centered around the Cthulu Mythos to be this moé, nor have a bunch of references to Kamen Rider, Pokemon, and Gundam. Seriously, the fact that I can recognize more than half of the references made in each episode should be a sign of unhealthiness.

So far, the show has been thoroughly entertaining me and-… HOLY CRAP, THAT WAS A BOY? Yeah, this series is a reference overdose, is a moé overdose, has aliens, is a shouta haven, is a monstrosity haven, contains as much homosexuality as it does heterosexuality, and is a parody of everything. How is this not turning into a trainwreck?

I love it and I don’t care what anyone else says about it. And dammit, that opening theme is an earworm! UN NYAA, UN NYAA,  UN NYAAAAA DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN LET’S NYAA (seriously, how do you hear “Let’s go!” in THAT?)!

Fanime 2012 Haul (a.k.a. the coolest SWAG ever)

Sena Artworks

I bought this art-book bundle that came with a free art bag, wall scroll, and cute card of Sena from Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai. The art was done by a Chinese circle that also included some Japanese artists. The drawings look really nice! Sadly, I can’t find any more stuff from them on Pixiv, since they’re predominately Chinese. Some of the pages are really ecchi, but hey, it was a nice deal for $25. If only I was able to find an artbook of my number one Kobato, everything would have been perfect!

Along with the art book, I managed to snatch me some Haruhi Playing Cards.

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Fanime Con 2012 Recap, Photos, and Cosplays

Fanime Con 2012

Being a local to San Jose, it was kind of strange for my friends and I to reserve a hotel room for this year’s Fanime Convention. But hey, sometimes we all need to get away from the house once in a while, right? ^^;; Steven went along too and was, in fact, the brains behind the planning (and photos). What a good guy!

For many of us, it was the first time attending Fanime for the whole weekend. It certainly was for me. And I was looking forward to the event since the beginning of the year, so when the day of college finals were over and the days of endless amounts of cosplay and anime were about to begin, I was absolutely ecstatic.

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