Hyouka 07


Very enjoyable episode this week, except for the massive dose of female fanservice, which is enjoyable for the females I suppose. 😛

A simple hot springs episode made interesting by Hyouka standards. This week’s mystery basically revolved around the deconstruction of local ghost stories. Despite being big on mystery shows revolving around loud conspiracies, I find myself to be enjoying the anime’s episodic focus on quiet, subtle, and somewhat regular mysteries that can be solved with a bit of higher thinking.

Tasteful Erotica

The animation really shows its class this week. So far, it’s highly reminiscence of Hanasaku Iroha (coincidentally, this week’s episode also takes place at a hot spring inn). It’s easy to identify the animation as something done by Kyoto Animation, but what they’re doing with Hyouka still feels quite different from their norm. Kyoto Animation taking some cues from P.A. Works? ;D

Dat Ponytail

Dat Ponytail

I found it amusing how subtle yet obvious Oreki’s attraction to Chitanda is, despite her high energy output versus his energy conservatism.

That out-of-shape body couldn’t take the heat of the highly sensual fantasies of her creamy white skin deeping itself into that hot and steamy bath. Needless to say, his body is not ready.

Say what!

On Chitanda’s side of things, I can see it, but I’m not sure if wanting to be in a mixed bath with Oreki is just a product of innocence or her KI NI NARIMASU.


Not Sunohara

I haven’t thought about it much until now, but hearing Sakaguchi Daisuke voicing a human being with a functional brain for once is really something.

He has his airhead moments, but so far, Satoshi definitely isn’t the Butt Monkey best friend like Wataru from Da Capo II. He’s certainly the equivalent of Mio’s Ritsu to Oreki, though. He even looks the part.



Both of my parents have diabetes. This isn’t a good sign for me.

Imouto Moe

Yeah, I’m gonna die. DAAAAAAW radar going off the scale.

Being a person who has a healthy relationship with his siblings, I can totally see where Chitanda’s desire for her own kyoudai comes from.

(In other news, I vould have gotten this post up seven hours prior, but apparently the server was derping out.)

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