Tomoko Kawakami

Rest in peace, you've reached your goal

Rest in peace – you’ve reached the goal

Being busy and not keeping up with anime news as much as I should have last year, I have only recently discovered that the talented Tomoko Kawakami, voice actress for various types of characters such as Chiriko from Fushigi Yuugi, Hikaru from Hikaru no Go, and Misuzu from Air, passed away exactly one year ago – the same day as when I found out – June 9th.

Already being down in the dumps as it is, finding out about this deeply saddened me. She had a really wide range of voices – but when she voiced gentle characters like Misuzu, she sounded more gentle than anything. Perfect example of an actor who could bring a character to life.

It’s as if it was a soothing lullaby from the other side. It’s been a year now, but rest in peace, Kawakami-san.

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  1. oh man. she’s dead. that’s sad, i am a huge fan of her when she voiced Ai Mori of Law of Ueki.
    you’re right. super talented.

  2. @TPAB: Yeah, she did an awesome job as Ai Mori – very energetic. What I liked about Kawakami-san was that she was rarely ever typecasted. She had talent and tons of versatility, and the studios utilized it. Very sad to find out that she’s no longer with us. ):

  3. Thanks for the quick memorial.

    Her picture on AnimeNewsNetwork was instantly recognizable to me. I remember her role in Utena. I totally forgot that she passed away.

    FWIW, I am currently down in the dumps (just found out that a very good friend of mine passed away). For some reason, seeing her page on AnimeNewsNetwork was a good thing for me to reflect on. Ditto for the link.

  4. @MarcosV: I kind of know what you mean. Going back and listening to some her voice clips and songs brought up a rather sad feeling, but it also brought me back from one of my depressive episodes at the same time – kind of makes a person happy to be alive. It’s kind of an ethereal feeling, especially since the timing was perfect.

    Sorry to hear that your friend passed away. I wish you the best, man. Also, may that friend also rest in peace.

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