Hyouka 08

Only Houtaro realizes how silly these mysteries are

This week on mystery-lite, the gang watches a pretty amusing attempt at a Noroi (or maybe, Blair Witch Project)-esque film. I give props for conveying how ridiculously flat acting for a school movie could be.

“Hey guys, I found a severed arm on the floor!”


Funny thing about Hyouka is the fact that if there is no solution to a mystery or strong character interaction within an episode, it’s pretty easy to summarize in one sentence. It’s not like Lucky Star or K-ON! where multiple things happen at once in an episode regardless if it’s significant or not. I can certainly understand why it isn’t the cup of tea for some people, but I (for one) am looking forward to the next episode where Houtarou deducts who the culprit in the film is.

Because I have a feeling it’s going to be extremely elaborate. I wonder how sick the scriptwriter must be that they simply can’t just ask her about it?

Shut up and watch the movie

A pretty weak episode, since it’s Hyouka and feels like only half of a whole episode considering what we were given before (this whole episode served as a set-up for the next one, after all). I’m sure the next one will be mildly interesting, though.