Accel World 10

Repeat to yourselfL Don't get too excited over an elementary schooler! ):

So yeah, it’s obvious that Niko is no real enemy, since it’s revealed that she also wants to hit level 10 and has no attachment to the previous king. Good thing too, since her interaction with Nega Nebulus is becoming one of the more amusing things about the show.

Whenever you want to spice things up, just add a loli. The grand solution to most of the world’s problems. 😛


It’s interesting that the neutral zone turns the game into a cyberpunk Monster Hunter hybrid. And here I was thinking “Brain Burst” was just a Power Stone ripoff!

These fat fetishists are driibng me nuts

Don’t worry, Taku, I would lose confidence in myself too if the cute loli and the black-haired princess would rather fight over the fat kid than me.

Kuroyuki-hime getting jealous over a fifth grader is so much of a stretch it hurts.

Even his avatar has an evil smirk!

As for the Yellow King, this clown guy reeks of bad mojo. Anime clowns always turn out to be giant jerks, after all. I wouldn’t be surprised if he turns out to be a manipulative bastard like Otogi’s dad from Yuu☆gi☆ou.

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