Hyouka 09



The highlight of this episode was definitely Chitanda getting drunk off of whiskey candy.

No, seriously. xD

While Hyouka‘s logical babble should really be the defining trait of the show, I find myself enjoying Chitanda’s “refined” ditzy antics more than anything else.


Need some help there, bro?

Rather than solving mysteries, this episode focuses on listening to the production team’s theories and watching Oreki refute them. In a way, I guess finding holes in various ideas is a great way of coming up with new ones. Especially since they obtained some new information Ace Attorney-style.

The cuteness, how could you not say yes?

To be honest, Sawakiguchi’s horror idea sounds like good alternative if there isn’t any other way to find out the real ending. Gathering from what was said in the episode, the ad libitum during the filming might really contradict what was intended in the script. Not to mention, faking some Noroi inspiration would kind of excuse the awful camera work.


While I loved how they went over the scene of the crime and the environment’s functionality in regards to a murder, I still don’t see why they couldn’t just ask Hongou. She’s ill, but as long as she isn’t dead or in a coma, I don’t see any problems asking her.

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  1. I’ve been thinking the same thing. They could just ask Hongou who the culprit is and write the script themselves.

    On another side, I actually thought that after they hear the staff’s theory, Oreki will finally share his theory but I guess that’ll be for another episode x_x

  2. @blacksheep: I sort of half-expected it to end at this episode too, but I also kind of like the fact that this mystery is a three parter. Much better than getting another one-episode “why was my teacher angry?” mystery. lol

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