Haiyore! Nyaruko-san 11

Ghutatan desu!

a lovecraftian loli is fine too

Eldritch abominations now come in a loli variety!

One word: HNNNNNG

No seriously, taking the most hideous abomination from the Cthulu Mythos and turning it into the cutest thing that ever graced humanity is just… wrong. The cutest immobilizes me. I guess it goes without saying in this anime, though, right?

But if Nyaruko’s true form really is The Crawling Chaos, then Ghutatan… ew, does this mean that lolicons will indulge themselves in both loli and cosmic bestiality? This may be a bad idea after all…

God damn blue shell!

God damned blue shell!

N64?! B-…but Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth was on the PC!

Oh wait, it looks like they’re playing Mario Kart 64. Nyaruko’s probably playing as Peach, meaning Kuuko is probably playing as Mario. I’m guessing Hasuta is Toad. If it were a GameCube and they were playing Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, I would have pegged him as a Toadette (or more appropriately, Birdo) kind of guy.


Nyaruko, being a fanatic of Japanese entertainment, is fully aware that the arrival of a loli is a bad omen in terms of her role as a potential mate.


Cyclone! METAAARU!

Nyaruko transforms into a Kamen Rider reference so she can kill a couple of Shoggoths that are spouting out Kamen Rider references.

Counting the amount of Kamen Rider references this series has made so far, I’d say the person who wrote this story must love Kamen Rider as much as I do.





It would been a shocking and dark tweest if Ghutatan ended up actually dying, at least for this anime. Nyaruko will have a mental breakdown Anno-style and the whole world would be destroyed. Such a dark tweeest indeed.

Well, seems like Mahiro is forever alone in the next episode.

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