Accel World 11


Damn, Taku went out like a badass.

This episode was pretty much all fighting with some plot reveals here and there. My biggest gripe is that the episode relied mostly on shounen clichés. Well, it IS a fighting anime that feels more shounen than harem (as some people classify it), imo.

Kuroyuki-hime’s reaction to her weakness was pretty melodramatic – a really bad excuse for her to be out of commission for over half of the episode. And the method to bring her back to her feet was the typical “Snap out of it! Is this what you really want?” speech thing that happens a lot of shounen manga. It’s not necessarily a bad thing if it’s executed well, but this was not one of those times. At least, in my opinion.

My prediction that the Yellow King would be one of those manipulative bastard anime clowns turned out to be correct. And thankfully enough, he gets offed at the end of the episode.