Hyouka 10

What? I'm only in the peisode for 20 seconds?

Not much Chintanda or her “kininarimasu!” in this episode, but the character development for Houtarou sort of makes up for it.

Sort of.

But I'm a lazy bastard!.

Houtarou suddenly gets a motivation for once, and actually tries to solve the mystery because he genuinely wants to. Seems like the magical words were “you’re special“.

He was even encouraging Satoshi by telling him that he could become a Grade-A Sherlockian if he “really tried.” What happened to the snarky energy conservationist we all knew and loved?! I’m interested in where this is going, since this is the first time we’ve seen character development in this show since, well, it began.

Hidden depths

Satoshi shows some hidden apprehension to Houtaro’s growing awareness of his talent (that is, his power of deduction).

Seems like Satoshi’s character had more going for it than the happy-go-lucky best friend archetype. I wonder if they’ll explore these envious feelings in future episodes.

Philip, is that you

What is this? Kamen Rider W?

And of course, I wasn’t too far off with my Noroi/Blair Witch Project references in my previous posts. There was indeed a character holding the camera, and in typical mockumentary fashion, this would explain why the camera was extremely shaky and reeked of homemade movie. There was a seventh character in the movie, which is the cameraman, and he turns out to be the murder. Well, what a tweest!

But, oh right, the rope prop is never explained, which Mayaka brings up at the end of the episode. I wonder how Houtarou feels about making a slip-up during one of the only times where he actually wanted to solve a mystery?

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