Cardcaptor Sakura 【HD Rewatch】 01

The start of a magical legend

It doesn’t matter if it’s the first, second, or tenth time. Watching the first episode of Cardcaptor Sakura and starting the series up again will always be a magical experience! JOIN ME IN RELIVING MY CHILDHOOD.

If there’s one memorable scene from the first episode that reappears throughout the first season, it’s that shot of Sakura’s precognitive dream sequence where she’s standing in front of the Tokyo Tower. Definitely an animation highlight of late 90s shoujo, or anime in general.

I'm not a monster!

“I’m not a monster!”

Haha! Touya and Sakura’s sibling interaction is still as cute as ever. They bicker so much, but they obviously care for each other.

The slice-of-life portions of this anime were, and still are, the best because of the awesome characters.


I’m definitely a 100% Syaoran and Sakura person, but Sakura’s crush on Yukito is admittedly very cute. 😛

Not to mention that, in way, this crush makes the Syaoran/Sakura thing a little more meaningful and cute later on.

Tomoyo's lesbian antics <3

We’ve had girls like Mugi from K-ON! or Mami from Puella Magi Madoka Magica that give off very similar vibes, but none of them can ever beat Tomoyo when it comes to being an absolutely awesome ojou character. Especially with her obsession with her best friend.

It gets especially amusing when she starts making Sakura’s battle outfits in subsequent episodes. (;

Heads up


I always wondered if these premonitions served to make Sakura’s clumsiness more pronounced rather than foreshadow her fate as the most powerful magician in the CLAMP multiverse. ;P

Take the iniative!

When hearing monstrous sounds and murmurs coming from your basement, always remember that a cheerleader baton will always be the most effective!

You know, it’s the little things that get me right in the heart when it comes to anime.

Sakura trying to sound-out the word “Windy” was just too cute beyond words. Not only was it cute, but the voice acting made her seem like a real fourth grader while struggling to read the letters, bringing her character to life even further. Props to Sakura Tange for her awesome performance in this series.




Sorry about that. Even to this day, I just love making fun of that god forsaken massacre of a dub.

C’mon guys, it was even worse than the 4Kids One Piece dub. How is that even possible?


can i has stuffing?

KERO-CHAN! Oh how I missed your Osakan accent. And nowadays I can distinguish it pretty easily since I have a much better grasp of the Japanese language and dialect than before.

The last time I heard Aya Hisakawa as Kero was in that terrible Tsubasa Chronicle filler (post-Cardcaptor Sakura, at least). Talk about leaving the role on a bad memory! I demand that MADHOUSE animate us a fun little Cardcaptor Sakura OVA, right this instant!


Falling asleep for thirty years?

Thank god he wasn’t guarding a Sealed Evil in a Can!





Be happy it wasn’t Kyubey, Sakura-chan. ;D

Kenshin has some competition

Only Sakura Kinomoto can beat Kenshin Himura when it comes to awesome swirly eyes.


You see that?



This is how you animate battles, Pokemon Animation People

She does a jump flip onto Fly while skating on a wall, and then proceeds to summon Windy and restrains Fly from all corners – with the best song ever playing in the background (seriously, the Clow Capture theme is one of the most memorable tracks in an anime I’ve ever listened to).

Sakura is the most adorable and badass magical girl that has ever graced anime with her presence – and at this point she doesn’t even know it! xD

why does this anime look so pretty ohmygod



And Fly is captured! These sequences are really pretty. What’s unique about CCS for a magical girl anime of its time is that, even after the first episode, it never devolves into stock footage. All of the “Release!” and card capture sequences are all reanimated each time because of Sakura’s ever-changing-wardrobe (contrast this to anime characters who only wear one outfit per season/cour).

Today’s animation studios need to learn a thing or two from MADHOUSE! Well, aside from certain physics from a certain zombie anime, but that has nothing to do with how awesome Cardcaptor Sakura is!

I believe I can fly!

And Sakura flies off into the sky with her newly-captured friend, whose powers become very nifty in subsequent episodes. ;D


The reason why this show is educational to children =)

Ah, Leave it to Kero-chan! I used to love these segments back then (still do). I always enjoyed it whenever he went into the details concerning Sakura’s battle outfits – reminding the viewers that aside from being cute, they serve actual functions! 😛

I bet you, when this first aired, Kero-chan’s talk about school uniforms got kids pumped about starting school. xD



2 thoughts on “Cardcaptor Sakura 【HD Rewatch】 01”

  1. I unfortunately missed out on Cardcaptor Sakura when it aired, but I’ve been greatly enjoying watching it (sporadically) this past year or so. I really need to just finish it some time, but I kind of like taking my time with it too. It’s such a sweet, wonderful show, and is living proof that kids’ shows don’t have to be stupid and obnoxious. This is solid entertainment for all ages. I hope to one day own the series… Kind of a tough find right now, though! x_x

  2. @Cholisose: I wholeheartedly agree! Shows like this are proof that the quality of kids’ shows shouldn’t be held at a low standard, anime or not. Grew up with this, Batman: TAS, Mister Rodgers, Arthur and Blue’s Clues and would love if my future children had access to that kind of entertainment on television rather than a bunch of shows that talk down to them. Parents will also have something to enjoy when they sit down with them.

    Also, if it’s worth anything, the SD individual discs are still widely available on Amazon, but the boxsets are indeed hard to find nowadays. There’s also the two manga anthologies that’s on sale on Rightstuf, which is slightly different from the anime so you won’t feel like you are going through the same series twice. Let me tell you though, the Sakura Book sets on Amazon and the Japanese Bluray set are insanely expensive. @_@

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