Accel World 12


This was a great development episode for Niko, realizing that relationships in the game don’t have to remain the same in real life. Can’t get enough of this yangire loli! Too bad we don’t get a clear look at Cherry Rook in real life though, just actually SEE how close they were in real life. Kind of makes you feel as if that they’re doing everything possible to keep Haruyuki’s “harem” confined to just him. Which is kind of unrealistic, in my opinion. Although, if they were really doing that, I guess it wouldn’t be that different from the whole Chiyuri thing. Poor guys, girlfriends can’t get enough of Piggy for some reason. xD


“It’s nothing”, my ass, Haruyuki! If you’re feeling something ominous, LET YOUR FRIENDS KNOW ABOUT IT! One of the worst thing that happens in anime are because of those accursed words! I wonder how this will go down, with Chrome Disaster’s parasite now living in the Silver Crow avatar.

Also, Yellow Radio actually lives. Welp. But wait, the XP gain would have been bad, no?

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