Gate 7 (Chapters 0-1)

Myouhou modoridori~!

Myouhou modoridori~!

Weary due to the complete mess of an ending TRC had (and still weary to finish up ×××HOLiC because of it), I finally got around to reading CLAMP’s latest series, Gate 7! I mean, Kobato was still very good, in my opinion, so I haven’t lost hope in CLAMP.

As always, CLAMP manages to intrigue me from the very first chapters. The artwork is very pretty and the personality quirks of the characters are highly amusing. Especially Hana’s love for noodles, rivaling Yuko’s penchant for alcohol and Kero-chan’s obsession with food in general. xD

Gate 7 seems to be the most Japanese-inspired out of all of CLAMP’s works. Enthusiasts of Japanese culture will relate to Chikahito’s fondness of Japanese relics and Kyoto. I guess if you’re not savvy with Japanese culture, you might be left a little confused with the constant Japan-oriented terms they use.

I’ll wait until I finish the first volume before I decide to buy a copy from Dark Horse (bless their awesome souls).


Hyouka 15

Talk to the hand!

After a few episodes of festival fun, the mystery hovering below the noses of our beloved Classics Club finally shows itself (well, it already did, but now they actually give a damn about it lol).

This is really the type of episode of Hyouka that I enjoy watching and I’d say this was one of the best episodes yet, and totally makes up for the rather uneventful set of episodes that came before it (to be fair, they did serve as set-up). Again, I must say that I love Hyouka‘s focus on the mundane yet complicated mysteries and, most importantly, the never-ending cuteness of Chitanda. xD

Out of a thousand people attending the festival, I wonder how our Sherlocke Houtarou will figure out the A.B.C. culprit?

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Tari Tari 04 & 05



I’m REALLY enjoying this anime as of now. The comedy scenes are genuinely funny, so far there hasn’t been an episode that missed out on some sort of development, and overall it’s looking up to be further proof that the slice-of-life genre in anime doesn’t have to delve into supernatural elements or become pure yonkoma gags to be an engaging watch – just pure and dramatic realistic fiction, for the win. 😛

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RE: The roots of our fandom

One of my first anime

Yumeka of Mainichi Anime Yume wrote an article where she harkened back to her childhood and examined the origins of when her love of anime first began and, of course, why it still persists in her heart today. She asked her readers if they could trace any instances of early “nerdom” within their childhoods that may have contributed to their love for anime today and if there were any obstacles in regards to the indulgence in these hobbies (home environment, parents, peers, etc.)

Instead of sharing my own story as a comment on her blog, I decided to reply to it as a post of my own.


Noizi Itou 【Live Drawing】

As an anime/manga fan-artist, I keep myself updated on Wacom’s YouTube channel, a company which produces high-quality graphics tablets (of which I do not own, ARGH), and every so often they upload a video showcasing well-known artists using their tablets such as the Cintiq 24HD.

For fans of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Shakugan no SHANA, Another, various Unison Shift visual novels, etc. that also happen to be fans of their artwork, you have to be familiar with Noizi Itou, the illustrator and character designer for all of these works. Wacom’s recent video just happens to showcase her doing what she does best. So yeah, here’s a chance to see her skills in action through digital media. ^^

Cardcaptor Sakura 【HD Rewatch】 08



Finally! Episode 8 is when the series really starts to spice things up with the introduction of our token male tsundere,  Syaoran Li.

李 小狼, Li Xiaolang. Known as “little puppy” to his fangirls (and Sakura in my head canon), and a pretty cool dude to the male fans.  He starts off providing the role of a rival to Sakura, even more so in the anime where he becomes actual competition for the Clow Cards, and eventually becomes one of Sakura’s most dependable friends (and even more than that).


Sword Art Online: Likes and Dislikes (First Impressions)

MMOs are srs business

Now that I’ve finally got around to starting up Sword Art Online (the first three episodes), I finally gathered enough initial feelings about this anime in order to write a thorough impression on it.

I have to be honest here. The only other anime series about “playing an online game” that I ever really liked before this ever came around as an animation was the .hack series, if only for the strong character development, dialogue, and feeling believable as a high-caliber virtual MMO, despite the hazardous sides to it (Morganna, Data Drain, etc.).

So how exactly does Sword Art Online hold up for me in comparison?


Very first impression of Joshiraku…



Seriously, I like the first two episodes so far, but I doubt the actual content will contain anything that will stick to my head longer than the flippin’ ending theme.

If the Momoiro Clover Z girls had the desire to control the minds of the masses, they might very well could, I say. 😡 Dammit, I swear every year there’s a new earworm, and I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. For sure, it’s the same type of earworm in the vein of “Motekke! Sailor Fuku!”, in that the earlier parts of the song are the most likely to get stuck in your head.

Cardcaptor Sakura 【HD Rewatch】 06

Screw Cerberus! KERO-CHAN GAO FORM!


Haha, if ONLY this was Kero’s true form! :p

By far, one of the sweetest episodes out of the earlier ones. Pretty much any episode that has anything to do with Sakura’s deceased mom watching after her daughter in spirit is guaranteed to be a heartwarming one.

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A way for studios to avoid bad fillers

Show your anime some love

It’s common knowledge within the anime fandom that series based off of on-going manga or light novels resort to producing original episodes, which serve as padding, in order for the anime’s story to maintain a certain distance from the original story.

However, there’s somewhat of an inherent problem with fillers or anime-original episodes. Half of the time they’re bad, sometimes they’re decent, and very rarely are they ever as good as the genuine articles. More on this after the jump.

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School Days: Review/Rant!


That’s right folks! JAST has released the very infamous School Days visual novel for all the public to see! So grab your blanket and sad-faces, right? Everyone knows how this is going to go! Everyone has seen this damn anime, so naturally, the visual novel is probably going to be equally as disturbing! I bet everyone who is probably avoiding this visual novel, as if it’s been infected with the black plague, is probably wondering who in their damn right minds would play the gore-fest horror-story that is School Days.

…Except, not really.

Want to know how this went? Long story short, it went fine. No, I’m serious. It went fine. And I’m sure a ton of people reading this is going to call me a liar, but I promise! No shenanigans. Seriously. This was honestly the most anti-climactic experience I think I ever had. So, if it went fine, I bet you’re wondering what this post is about then? Well, it’s honestly half a review, half a rant. So, let’s get this started!

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Binbougami ga! 01 (First Impressions)

Enough luck to share, not enough misfortune

I didn’t think I would get into this, but I was wrong. The first episode turned out to be pretty effin’ funny. The concept is so out of there, but it works really well. It isn’t a particularly groundbreaking comedy, but so far it seems to be a worthy watch if you’re looking for a laugh this season.

I’m looking forward to the awesome God of Misfortune and her attempts at draining the fortunate out of the human embodiment of Lady Luck, Ms. Spoiled Ichiko Sakura. xD

Rurouni Kenshin: Shin Kyoto-Hen (OVA) Part I: Cage of Flames

A legendary swordsman returns...

Back when it was announced that there was a Rurouni Kenshin “remake”, I was absolutely ecstatic and expected something more along the lines of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood where it was a complete reboot that finishes the manga completely (Jinchu arc animated = <3 =D). Turns out that it was just a set of OVAs that retold the Kyoto arc through the perspective of Misao Makimachi.

Alas, if you go into it with it being a “remake” in mind, you’ll be sorely disappointed by how inferior it is in comparison to its TV counterpart.  Fortunately, I went into with the fact that it’s supplementary material in mind and a treat for the fans (both of which it essentially is), and I found myself thoroughly enjoying what it had to offer.

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