Cardcaptor Sakura 【HD Rewatch】 02

Number one rule!

Poses and trademark spells are the basics of being a magical girl!”

Tomoyo definitely is a wonderful friend. 😀 And extremely genre savvy to boot.

It’s not a stretch to say that Tomoyo is the greatest best friend character in any shoujo. No one can top her awesomeness, except for Sakura herself.

Feel the wrath!

Touya feels the wrath of Angry Dinosaur Sakura!

Haruhi went to Tomoeda

Well now, it looks like Haruhi went to Tomoeda Elementary School back in the day!


Yay! First reference to Sakura’s fear of ghosts. She’s lucky that she doesn’t have a sixth sense like her brother (although being able to see her mother watching over her is a plus).

Style-Me Sakura! Does not come with deattachable parts


Beast of the Seal is looking pretty spiffy

Even Kero is enjoying his new swag! xD


I absolutely love these sequences. As I said previously on my episode one post, they’re really stunning. Not only that, but MADHOUSE reanimates it each time because Sakura’s always wearing a different battle outfit.

Just looking at this beautiful animation makes me feel unworthy. Very unworthy.

Clow Card!

I mean, just look at it! This looks more lively than a lot of the animation we get nowadays in anime – and it’s just a screenshot!

Cardcaptor Sakura was roughly a five cour anime and it had consistently good cel animation throughout its entire run. Shows nowadays are usually only one cour (12~14 eps) and a good handful of them have more off-model moments than CCS, a five cour anime. A lot of seasonal shows and their digital animation today could look gorgeous 100% of the time, if they were given a fraction of the caring hand present in Cardcaptor Sakura‘s production.

Sadly, a lot of today’s anime are made with only a quick buck in mind. Truth.


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  1. @Atelier: lol Wow, talk about derp. I never noticed how small they drew the heads back then.

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