Cardcaptor Sakura 【HD Rewatch】 03

The days of youth.

Sakura’s “first date”

And she sure is happy about it! ;P

Pengy-san for the win!

Cute penguins and their cute antics, it induces cute reactions from the cute Sakura.

Obviously the key adjective here is “cute.”

Touya shows his GAR

My hero!

Touya shows just how GAR he can be by subduing the Watery with his bare hands.

This episode is also the first episode in which we see one of Touya’s MANY jobs. Man, this dude must have a lot on his tésumé. xD

The Kero swagger

This kid has an awesome penguin hat, but he doesn’t have the same aura of SWAGGER as Kero. 😛

No kitchen jokes!

Sakura’s such an independent kid. I mean, seriously, people would kill to have a child with a clear sense of responsibility.

She’s able to cook for herself, is willing to do household chores when she’s told to, and she’s charged with the task of collecting the Clow Cards! What a busy girl.

It's not like I'm worried about you or anything

I just love it how Touya’s jobs suspiciously coincide with where ever Sakura happens to be at at each episode. He does have his own goal with making money to pay for college, but that’s obviously not his only reason for taking up so many jobs. xD

Ways to ruin a person's day

Well now, that’s one way to ruin Sakura’s date…

Example of a good big brother

Minecraft taight me that having extra tools comes in handy

Touya’s convenient employment and emergency axes fortunately save the day. xD

Mission Start

You know she’s come up with an unstoppable plan when she’s making this face.

A real mermaid!

Oi, that’s kind of scary.

Much better lol

Much better. 😀 Now she’s a work of art.

Syaoran-kun!, Yukito-san!

And now the Aquarium and its inhabitants, most importantly the PENGUINS (:D), are safe. But of course, due to her being heart-struck and also a modest girl, Sakura gives all the credit for the great freezer idea to Yukito.

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