Cardcaptor Sakura 【HD Rewatch】 04

How can that possibly cause a gloomy day?

Rain, rain, go away, come again everyday ♫

No, seriously. Some of the Clow Cards look way too adorable to be the sources of abnormal catastrophes. xD;;

Do your chores, kids

I cannot stop stressing how much Fujitaka and Nadeshiko were blessed with such a good daughter (everyone has such good children). Although she wanted to go on a picnic with Tomoya, she keeps her word about doing Touya’s share of the household chores without trying to shirk them.

I really do hope that the kids who watched this in Japan grew up as polite and responsible as Sakura!

Poor Kero xD

Poor Kero fell into the washing machine. 😛

Ah crud

Awesome costume as usual

And poor Sakura’s hard work was almost ruined by a god damned tree.

The Wood card brings back memories of a certain bad translation I found in some CCS fansub episode. Really, calling it “The Woody” when it clearly said “THE WOOD” on the card? Seriously, woody?

Always write your name on your stuff

Most important plot point in the episode (besides the obvious capture of cards) is the fact that Sakura has to write her name on her Clow Cards in order to fully tame them. Reminds to me take a good look at Syaoran’s cards when he enters the scene, just to see how the Japanese anime spells his name. I never really paid attention to it. xD

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