Hyouka 12

ADD is great

On this episode of Hyouka, Kyoto Animation shows us that attention deficit disorder can be moé as well.

Maid Chitanda

Whoever says that the thought of Chitanda becoming their personal maid isn’t highly arousing is lying.


Prinny Chitanda

If all the Prinnies from Disgaea looked like this, I swear I would have a harder time using them as live bombs.

Cheerleader chitanda

Crap! They should have used this as an opportunity to make a Lucky Star reference!

KyoAni had a ball with this

Looks like they had no problems using the Manga Society as an opportunity to draw cosplay of Vocaloid and Touhou Project, though.

Censhorship of guardianship

I can’t believe they decided to pull a Peanuts on Houtarou’s sister. I mean, seriously, we spent all these episodes with her talking through the phone; anticipating on actually seeing this character on-screen.

And when she’s physically here, we can’t even see her face.


Ship tease

Also, holy shit, the new ending sequence is such a ship tease. xD

4 thoughts on “Hyouka 12”

  1. they’ll probably show Houtarou’s sister next time. I mean they can’t just hide her face forever 😛 lol.

    and when I saw Chitanda in that maid outfit, it just reminded me how much she look exactly like Mio from k-on. XD

  2. I actually laughed a bit in this episode. I knew she would get distracted.

    When chitanda wore the maid outfit the name that straight away came up “Mio”

  3. @Fabrice: Same here. Chitanda is the type that easily gets interested in… everything. xD

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