Cardcaptor Sakura 【HD Rewatch】 05

Plush Dolls ftw

What Chiharu would do to Yamazaki if he didn’t lie all the time. ;P

The best shop in the entire universe

There are certainly aspects of the manga that I like better than the anime, but out of the countless anime additions that I enjoyed, one of them would be Maki’s shop.


I liked how the anime showed Sakura trying to capture The Jump and failing multiple times while trying. 😛

Giant plush gattai mecha

A thousand plush toys combining to form a giant plush toy.

Looks like Sakura needs a sentai mecha!

The Moron

Oh, nevermind. xD

The anime took one panel from the manga referencing The Jump’s stupidity and made an awesome episode out of it.

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