Cardcaptor Sakura 【HD Rewatch】 06

Screw Cerberus! KERO-CHAN GAO FORM!


Haha, if ONLY this was Kero’s true form! :p

By far, one of the sweetest episodes out of the earlier ones. Pretty much any episode that has anything to do with Sakura’s deceased mom watching after her daughter in spirit is guaranteed to be a heartwarming one.

Why Kero never got to play horror games

Sakura’s fear of ghosts is comparable to my fear of spiders.

Hoooooooooeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. ε≡(ノ´_ゝ`)ノ

The Nikkuman

The Nikkuman?

Clow Reed sure does have a sick sense of humor.

Can you say DAAAAAAW?

Touya shows his affections for his sister in this episode.

This man is so tsundere it hurts.

Your mom would never hurt you

Such a sweet scene

This is a great scene. Upon realizing that her mother’s spirit would never hurt her, Sakura successfully captures The Illusion, who was impersonating her mother’s spirit. And this scene confirms that her mother’s spirit will always wish for her safety.

Why is everyone in this family so awesome, even after death?

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  1. Glad you’re enjoying them! ^_^
    Yeah, the episode with the Sleep is also another heartwarming episode. Love the episodes where it shows Sakura’s love for her family. xD

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