Cardcaptor Sakura 【HD Rewatch】 08



Finally! Episode 8 is when the series really starts to spice things up with the introduction of our token male tsundere,  Syaoran Li.

李 小狼, Li Xiaolang. Known as “little puppy” to his fangirls (and Sakura in my head canon), and a pretty cool dude to the male fans.  He starts off providing the role of a rival to Sakura, even more so in the anime where he becomes actual competition for the Clow Cards, and eventually becomes one of Sakura’s most dependable friends (and even more than that).

A start of something beautiful

…Of course, this pairing doesn’t start off as beautiful compared to how it ends up.

That’s awesome character development in CCS, for ya! 😛

What did I do?!


He's so dreamy

A new exchange student? He’s so dreamy!


He’s looking right at me? What do I do, what do I do???



*cough cough* Sorry about that, guys.


This is self explanatory

It’s way too easy to misinterpret this scene.

I find it funny how one of the best anime couples started off their interaction with playground bullying. xD That’s not the way to woo a friendly and passive girl like Sakura!

GAR brother vs. GAR Chinese boy

Touya wants to beat the pulp out of Syaoran because he thought he was picking on his little sister. Later on, Touya wants to beat the pulp out of Syaoran for entirely different reasons. 8D

White-haired pretty boys with meaty buns

Yukito has meaty buns No homo.

Oh, CLAMP. For 1/3 of the anime and a bit of the manga (he starts showing signs of interest in Sakura sooner than in the anime), we are lead to believe that Syaoran is into white-haired pretty boys. xD Along with the addition of Meiling, it does provide a good amount of comedy in the first season.


A function that all the Clow Cards share despite their differing powers? The ability to make Sakura go hannnyaannnnn.


Forget all the Kero plush toys that exist out there, where could I get myself one of THOSE Sakura plushies? =D

Tomoyo likes the Nekomimi Sakura

If this was the second or third season, Syaoran would be enjoying the hell outta this. Of course, Tomoyo enjoys it regardless.


Zapdos/Thunder and Raikou have nothing on The Thunder.

Surely there’s Japanese fanart out there that depicts Thunder (Pokemon) fighting Thunder (Cardcaptor Sakura). Whoever finds it for me will get a cookie!

It's not like I'll start liking you or anything

By the anime’s logic of who gets to keep a Clow Card after it’s been sealed (which we are told in a future episode), shouldn’t The Thunder go to Syaoran since he had a big hand in defeating it? Granted, it’s rather useless to him anyway since he has his lightning spells.


I just HAD to take this screenshot!



Looks like this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Turning taht frown upside-down

First implication that Syaoran’s words can either make or break Sakura’s mood depending if they’re harsh or not. Later on, he’s the source of her courage and happiness because he gains more dere and less tsun.

It should be noted that this was the first episode of Nelvana’s Cardcaptors dub, because apparently “in order make a show aimed at both boys and girls, we must hack and slash one of anime’s most beloved shoujo anime!”

Why not just make your own cartoon?

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  1. Ouch, that sounds really unfortunate. Garage kits of those don’t come cheap these days, not to mention hard to find. DX

  2. the roof of our house came off and it was a matter of what to save first before the wind blows them all away. XD
    i grabbed my ps1 and abunch of nendroids. XD
    i have a clow card set though. not sure if its still complete.

  3. I’m pretty sure if you still have 52 cards, that’s a complete set. Was it the Clow Book set or the Sakura Book set? Because I think Bandai’s Clow Book came with a card battle game of sorts.
    I imagine you saved the PS1 but ended up with no games? That really sucks. xD Though I guess the most important thing was that none of you guys were blown away because of the storm, no? xD

  4. I got a deck of cards thats inside a wodden box with a slide cover and the engravings was the symbol at the back of each clow cards. I kinda took out The Rain once because it’s my fave and used it as a goodluck charm. XD
    yeah, luckily, I was alive to witness the carnage. XD
    oh, I’ll add you in my blogroll. thanks for putting mr in yours~

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