Gate 7 (Chapters 0-1)

Myouhou modoridori~!

Myouhou modoridori~!

Weary due to the complete mess of an ending TRC had (and still weary to finish up ×××HOLiC because of it), I finally got around to reading CLAMP’s latest series, Gate 7! I mean, Kobato was still very good, in my opinion, so I haven’t lost hope in CLAMP.

As always, CLAMP manages to intrigue me from the very first chapters. The artwork is very pretty and the personality quirks of the characters are highly amusing. Especially Hana’s love for noodles, rivaling Yuko’s penchant for alcohol and Kero-chan’s obsession with food in general. xD

Gate 7 seems to be the most Japanese-inspired out of all of CLAMP’s works. Enthusiasts of Japanese culture will relate to Chikahito’s fondness of Japanese relics and Kyoto. I guess if you’re not savvy with Japanese culture, you might be left a little confused with the constant Japan-oriented terms they use.

I’ll wait until I finish the first volume before I decide to buy a copy from Dark Horse (bless their awesome souls).


Hyouka 15

Talk to the hand!

After a few episodes of festival fun, the mystery hovering below the noses of our beloved Classics Club finally shows itself (well, it already did, but now they actually give a damn about it lol).

This is really the type of episode of Hyouka that I enjoy watching and I’d say this was one of the best episodes yet, and totally makes up for the rather uneventful set of episodes that came before it (to be fair, they did serve as set-up). Again, I must say that I love Hyouka‘s focus on the mundane yet complicated mysteries and, most importantly, the never-ending cuteness of Chitanda. xD

Out of a thousand people attending the festival, I wonder how our Sherlocke Houtarou will figure out the A.B.C. culprit?

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