Cardcaptor Sakura 【HD Rewatch】 09

So, uh, how's the weather?

Is everyone from Hong Kong a giant tsuntsun?

Sakura starts her day by attempting to flatter Syaoran, telling him that she thinks his Chinese battle costume was cool and that she saw it in a dream.

Usually when an anime protagonist tells someone of the opposite sex that they “saw him/her in a dream,” they’d take it the wrong way (a la Digimon Tamers, as in a totally bad pickup line). Luckily for Sakura, she’s from a  CLAMP series, so premonition dreams can easily be explained to a character that’s savvy with magical powers and whatnot without embarrassing misunderstandings. =P

Yamazaki is CLAMP embodiment of a troll

Yamazaki-kun is CLAMP’s poster boy when it comes to trolling.

First sign of compatibility: Sakura and Syaoran are the only ones that completely believe his lies. xD

Grrr! Clow Reed!

The Sword card is one of the Clow Cards that make me go into wild speculation-mode about how Clow Reed used it.

I mean, the guy seems to be a rather gentle person despite being the source of, well, everything chaotic that happens due to his apparent obsessions with Xanatos Gambits. What exactly did he have use for with a sword that can cut through anything? Did he use it to cook his afternoon snacks? 😛 Because I hear mincing fish is an ass.

I have come to save the princess!

Looks like her knight in shining armor has arrived!

Aren't they cute?

Well, sort of.


You'd like, go to jail

It’s interesting to note that, even though in the anime, only Rika is shown to be romantically interested in Terada-sensei, in the manga, this pairing goes even further. The guy gives his student an engagement ring, waiting for her to come of age before they get married – in the same chapter this episode was based off of.

While it may seem creepy to some, it was part of CLAMP’s ideal for the series to showcase love at its purest form, regardless of age, race, and gender. I applaud them for managing to portray the relationship in an innocent way rather than making Terada a perverted loli-hungry guy that’s showcased in a lot of series these days. He just happened to fall in love with a younger girl, who will probably make him happier than anyone else.

CLAMP did this to teach children tolerance, and I think it’s a good thing. Maybe they’re kind of responsible for me being the most accepting/neutral guy in the world, as long as a person isn’t a total jackass or hurting other people/themselves, they can enjoy life however they want in my eyes. xD Nevertheless, I think it was a good idea to leave the pairing ambiguous in the anime, just to avoid the outrageous soccer moms (yes, even Japan has those)

Deredere, Yukito too strong

His dere is showing!

On the subject of tolerance, we’d all still think Syaoran was a cool guy even if it did turn out that he really had the gays for Yukito, right?

I mean, I think Touya’s a badass despite being pretty much the official man for Yukito. I like it how CLAMP doesn’t stereotype characters based on their sexuality (even though technically there is no sexuality with their works – it’s just love). Touya and Yukito aren’t colorful fruits the same way Terada-sensei isn’t some dangerous predator taking advantage of his job. One of the rare cases where I’ll say that a series treats absolutely all of its characters with respect.


I admit, part of the reason why I absolutely adore Sakura is because of her awesome facial expressions. She’s very a emotive character!

Followed by a bunch of “hooooe” and “hanyannnn.” I swear, it never gets old. xD TRC!Sakura should have done this more often! Why CLAMP, why?! At least they imported her classic facial expressions during the lighter moments of that series. Even if those were just a few.


Argh! You’re giving chocolates to the wrong person, Syaoran!

CCS, where three equals six

Add Tomoyo, Touya, Meiling, some arrows, and some labels to the mix…

There you have it, the most convoluted relationship chart ever.

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  1. not a fan of The Sword too. it wasn’t a cute chick in the card. XD
    woah, that rikaXterada went that far!!! damn it, i wish i read the manga.

  2. @TPAB: Luckily for you, Dark Horse released the whole manga in three anthologies for a cheap price. xD

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