Sword Art Online 04

Must. Not. Get. Attached.

Regardless of any minor gripes I had with the anime originally, I commend it for putting me on my toes.

By that, I mean because of the previous episode’s little death show, I’m trying my best NOT to get attached to any characters in this anime. Especially since they’ve brought Player Killing into the mix, making the players a danger to each other as well. If it wasn’t for that, I would have savored the utter cuteness of Silica more, but I spent most of the episode expecting her to die. D:

Black dudes know what I'm talking about

The best wood there is.

Heh. Heh heh. He gave a loli an ebony dagger. Ebony.

Sheesh, I need to get my mind out of the gutter.

I am an old hag that plays video games

This lady may be one female anime character that I genuinely detest. Murder, trickery, constant denial of reality, sexual jealously towards a little girl, etc.

How unattractive can you get?

Loli fanservice had to come sooner or later

Since the character of the day is a loli, I guess it should be expected that loli fanservice would start popping up sooner or later.

The sooner, the better. D;

Oh god, I didn't mean THAT

If you aren’t thinking about THAT, then you are sheltered. Stay that way.

Oh my. Well. I didn’t want it to go THAT far… Geez.



Afraid that our GAR man Kirito will drill you a new hole, loli? Well, rejoice, he’s saving that for Asuna.

Sorry for the very crude and dirty jokes. But you have to admit, when they do the panty thing this much in a serious anime, it gets more noticeable and amusing.



I liked this episode the best out of the first four. Why? We get some insight on Kirito’s personal family life and he gets to be downright badass. It’s good to know that Kirito’s way too overpowered to ever be troubled by petty thieves. At least on this floor.

Kirito shows big brother instincts and the desire to avenge the death of innocents, which contributes to his heroism. Yet, he doesn’t come off as a generic protagonist to me because all of this is attributed to his experiences, fears, and complexes, which balances off his positive traits with a few negatives.


Oh god. Please don’t die. Please don’t die!

If you fry her loli brains, I will hate you, anime.

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  1. I loved reading the light novels for SAO. The anime confused me at first, as this particular episode doesn’t appear in the first book but is in a later one as a kind of ‘more tales from aincrad (my spelling of that world is never right!) but now I’m reading it, I’m really enjoying it.

    Brilliant anime, there’s a lot of good storyline to come, providing they stick to the book!


  2. @Awryn: Yeah, a lot of confusion that I have with the anime seems to stem from supposedly skipping the light novel’s content or rearranging bits. The anime still shows a lot of promise though, and I’m sure the rest will be good – the novel didn’t win an award for nothing, after all. lol

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