Hyouka 16

Can't beat the classics

I had a feeling that Mayaka’s missing manga would play a huge part in this mystery, but I had no idea that it might very well be the key to connecting everything together. Hm, I was actually surprised.

On the subject of her favorite doujin manga, it does look like it harkens back to the good ol’ classic days of manga, judging by the art style.



Houtarou’s sister makes an appearance again. And once again, she appears with her head obscured. Is this going to become a running gag or something?

What is this, Cow and Chicken? 😛

Wow, you are full of suck

So, do female bullies enjoy reveling in the smallest of torment?

Because I find it utterly stupid that she smirks about throwing a few drops of water onto Mayaka’s paper, and then starts apologizing like a bitch after she accidentally spills the whole damn thing on her. If you’re going to decide to be an ass, don’t go around being halfhearted about it. You’re either an ass or you’re not.

Mr. Busy Fingers

Yo, lay off, Mr. Busy Fingers.


C’mon guys. It’s not nice to make fun of the way a man walks, not to mention completely imma-

Aw, what the hell? HA HA. YOU RUN LIKE A GIRL.

Deliciously supple melons


Good thing my boner is obscured by this table

Golly gee, good thing my energetic crotch is obscured by this table…

Houtarou, you will slowly be entrapped by her. And then, there will be no escape.

Path of angst

I wonder why Satoshi is so distraught at his inferiority to Houtarou when it comes to detective skills. It may very well be because he’s a Sherlockian, but I happen to really like Sherlocke Holmes too, but that doesn’t mean I want to be Sherlocke Holmes, as awesome as that may be.

His comment about the wannabe detectives after Juumonji doesn’t make him seem like the sort of person who would. Or maybe he’s a wannabe detective and just doesn’t know it?

One word LOL

it’s easy to see why Houtarou can’t say no to her.


Lots of KININARIMASU in this episode. For that, I give this episode a solid 20/10.

2 thoughts on “Hyouka 16”

  1. and I seriously thought that we’ll finally see Oreki’s sister… x_x ~lol at Cow and Chicken :))

    and I wonder what Chitanda meant by saying that she have met Houtarou’s sister before… hmmm… kininarimasu! 😀

  2. @-blacksheep: At first I thought she saw a resemblance to Houtarou, but now I’m not so sure. She does have a keen eye for familiarity, that’s for sure, like with the manga artwork.

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