Cardcaptor Sakura 【HD Rewatch】 10

Sakura fails so cute, if that makes any sense

I love the festival episodes in this anime, but this pales in comparison to the others. I mean, the others involved crossdressing plays, maid/butler cafés, Suppie going drunk off of sweets, and one ended with a heartwarming Syaoran/Sakura scene. This one? War of the parents with raining flowers.

Still great, though. Insight on Sakura’s family tree is always welcome. And seeing Sakura fail with her baton will never get old. xD

Never stood a chance

Even I have a better chance at Sakura than you forgettable background boys!

If only it WAS out of context..

I know what this looks like. Unfortunately, the actual context isn’t what I wish it would be.

Not until the second season. D:

Kissing cousins!

I like it how Tomoyo’s mom was Sakura’s mom cousin, who had a total les crush on her. Making Tomoyo Sakura’s cousin, who has a total les crush on her.

Only Tomoyo appears to be a better sport about it. 😛

(Fujitaka’s pacifist expression ftw!)

Scream, yaoi fangirls, scream

Speaking of forbidden love…

The Dancing Flower Card

When I first watched this episodes at the beginning of middle school, my first guess at the name of this card was “The Dance.” Even though it was raining flowers. Go figure.

The Flower’s such a cute and silly card. lol

Poor Tomoyo

While I find Tomoyo’s unconditional love for Sakura extrememly sweet, I find it sad at the same time. The only thing I have a problem with in CLAMP’s universe is the whole “one-sided soulmate” thing. Is the poor thing going to be alone forever or settle for something less than a “soulmate”? She probably won’t have a problem with it as long as Sakura is happy, but I do!

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