Cardcaptor Sakura 【HD Rewatch】 11

Fujitaka turns bad pickup lines into good pickup lines

I had thought that an angel fell from the sky.”

Translation: Hubba-hubba! Heaven must be missing an angel.

Fujitaka’s approach to pickup lines in a nutshell. 😛 So yeah, another episode dedicated to showing us how special Sakura and her mother are to Tomoyo and her mom.


On this episode, we find out just how filthy rich Tomoyo is.

How on Earth can she be so modest about it? xD

Sneezing is a magically irritating thing

Ah, nostalgia! CCS was where I first heard about the Japanese superstition about sneezing when someone is talking/thinking about you.

How the times fly by…

The Shield Card is better than most home security systems

The Sword card is kind of cool, but realistically I would want The Shield card. This would have been useful back in high school, where other students liked to steal my undies and gym uniform for God knows what reason.

Sakura and her mommy are the best girls in the world

Like mother, like daughter.

Both are surrounded by loving people, notably Sonomi and Tomoyo. xD Well, again, like mother, like daughter.


Sakura’s eraser is the best eraser.

Kids and their imaginary friends..

Thanks a lot, Kero. Now everyone thinks Sakura is a crazy kid!

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  1. @TPAB: Not much trouble, it kept Tomoyo and her mother from opening the box which held their most precious possessions (Nadeshiko’s wedding boquet and Sakura’s eraser).

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