Hyouka 17

Cheers, Hyouka

The conclusion of this “School Festival arc” caught me by surprise. I didn’t expect Hyouka to pull off something rather this complex. It took three subplots of the previous episodes that were seemingly unrelated and managed to weave them together to into a conclusion which focused on one central theme, expectations. And it did it really well.

What I liked particularly about this arc was the focus on Satoshi and Mayaka. It took two characters that seemed like mere background props in the beginning (in my opinion) and revealed more interesting facets about them, resulting to them pretty much stealing the show from Houtarou and Chitanda (hnnnnnng, impossible!) this time around. Houtarou may have solved the mystery, Satoshi, but I sure enjoyed the added depth to your character.

Bravo, Hyouka. Bravo. If this is you at your best, then you should keep it up. =)

Surprisingly not sarcastic about it this time around

By the way, this isn’t supposed to be condescending.

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