Cardcaptor Sakura 【HD Rewatch】 13



An episode about visiting the zoo couldn’t be any stranger when it’s an episode of CCS. Giant penguin slides being turned upside down, playing tug of war with elephants, etc. Probably the weirdest (written) supernatural occurrence in Tomoeda, right next to the raining flowers!

Ways to tame a tsundere

Taming a tsundere 101: show it a cute animal.

(Well, cute until the sloth rips your face out with its claws. No, this isn’t a Yamazaki-lie, those claws are dangerous.)

Scary moe

Clow Cards seem to go by a “looks can be deceiving” theme (well, most of the time). This little cutie can rip a grown man a new one.

Elephant has joined the party

Elephant has joined your party.

Even the zoo animals love Sakura. 😛


I like it how Syaoran gave no shits about the Clow Card in this episode. He obviously wanted to get things over with just so he continue looking at the sloths. xD

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Oooh, nice save, Tomoyo.

Ah, Adobe Photoshop. The explanation for all of life’s mysteries.

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  1. That’s the strength card, right? i’m iffy on the name.
    everything is so blurry now. i don’t remember sakura using the card as much too.

  2. @TPAB: Yeah, it’s the strength card. It was one of those filler cards that sadly wasn’t used that much. I think Sakura uses it a total of two times, for the exact same reasons (putting King Penguin back). lol

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