Sword Art Online 08

Never tell her to get back in the kitchen

MMO marriages. Marital conflicts become ten times more deadly on Sword Art Online.

Think long and hard before you pop the question, Kirito.

She knows where she belongs

Too easy, Asuna? Cooking looks like more work than in real MMOs like Guild Wars 2 or pushing a button after every battle in a Tales game.

*sigh* The future generation of gamers sound so spoiled. The cooking system sounds extremely fun (and delicious!) and she’s complaining about it being too easy.

High school girls are the best

How dare you, boy! As a senior citizen that plays massively multiplayer online RPGs and is teh l33t OP at them, I am entitled to indulge in the heavenly smell of a teenaged girl’s home!

First we were introduced to the sociopaths of SAO’s world, now we’re introduced to the creepers.


“I am NOT a creeper!”

Says the guy growing mold in his ears, who wants to dive into Asuna’s teenaged putang in her sleep.

Obvious BFGF mannerisms

Facing reality

“B….but! My virginity!”


And here we have it, Kirito and Asuna enter battle with The Gleam Eyes. Finally, the story feels like it’s going somewhere!

Loved the Kirito/Asuna moments in the episode. The fact that two years have already passed while they were in the game is pretty irksome though. Is the government really this incompetent? Why did any of this happen in the first place? Gah, for now I’ll enjoy what’s going on in-game rather than think about the troublesome details of what’s happening outside.

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  1. Yeah, I’m pretty pumped that we’re actually shown some progress in the Death MMO’s story. Go Kirito/Asuna!

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