Ragging on Japan for no reason – not doing the research


“…What am I saying to these girls? No matter what I choose they always seem to have sex with me.”


Yeah. Yeah, this guy is a moron.

Joking about Japan’s perverse media is all in good fun. That is, when it applies. When it doesn’t, you just come across as a giant bigot.

Which is exactly what this is.

Conception: Ore no Kodomo wo Undekure! (literally “Conception: Please Give Birth to My Child!”), surprisingly enough, is not about having sex with Japanese teenagers, impregnating them with your seed, and level grinding their children. In fact, the conception of the Star Children, as they are called in the RPG, have absolutely nothing to do with sex in the slightest. You court girls, yes, but it does not lead to sex.

This guy is probably one of those people that act like they’ve seen an orgy in regards to adult visual novels that have a five minute h-scene in a game with eight hours worth of text. Seriously man, you’re not a freakin’ 5-year-old. -_-

I guess the title can be misleading, but as professional journalists, would it have killed them to actually DO THEIR RESEARCH instead of using it as an excuse to make racist jabs at the moon and its people? It’s an obscure JRPG, but holy damn, I found information on it! They got a hold of gameplay footage but not accurate info about the game? Typical GameSpot. I find it hilarious that he hardly even tried to rag on the two minutes worth of COMPLETELY UNINTERESTING footage shown of that terrible Dino Beatdown game and was quick to jump on the JRPG for being about creating child. (How the hell do you manage to make a game about dinosaurs look boring and uninteresting, anyway?!)

Poking fun at games like Gal*Gun is funny because it’s literally nothing but skirt-flipping (albeit, skirt-flipping made for recreational fun on the console…don’t ask me how that happened). Making fun of this was not… because I really saw nothing wrong with the concept, other than taking the title out of context and giving people a false impression on what might have otherwise been a decent game.

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