Sword Art Online 09: Unbalanced Skills FTW

Roleplaying the tsun makes it easy to be dishonest with yourself

“I…it’s not like I’m happy that you like my cooking or anything.”

Just as I expected from the previous episode, the series is starting to pick up!

There was plenty of character development and plot revelations, and at the same time, plenty of KiriAsu to enjoy. =D

forever alone

Oi, Kirito. How about a boy’s night out? Remember our friendship pact, men need no wo-… what is this?

Wait, does a person die if he does lag out of the game? Oh damn, people who weren’t able to play SAO on max settings were SCREWED due to technicalities, or at the very least, have lived two years surrounded by bad textures.

Activision and Blizzard, finding new ways to screw over their customers in 2024

I guess I'll let Kirito raise her flags

Klein is a Grade A Bro. After all of that Asuna fanboying, he goes and adds more awesome fuel to the pairing. Good friends, for the win!

Sgt. Herp Derp

lol herp derp imma have fun playing commander army leeroy guy even though lives are at stake


Kirito acquiring an awesomely overpowered dual-wielding skill leads me to speculate that Kayaba programmed certain unique skills for every player in the game. If so, why make them so overpowered? A player who isn’t at the right level to fight a certain boss suddenly has the power to take them out because of one skill. That’s pretty unbalanced.

Is there a cost? There probably is. There has to be a catch, or else I call BS.


Her embrace is hard enough to celebrate the lives of ten people, she’s willing to give up a high position in a high-ranking guild just to party with you, she acts flustered when you compliment her cooking, etc.

C’mon, Kirito. It can’t get as obvious as that. There’s a limit to being socially awkward in areas outside of computer games!


Win = Asuna is your prize.


I kind of see what they’re going for here. It’ll be interesting if Kirito loses, and is forced to put his soloing to a halt.

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