Sword Art Online Chapter 16.5 – Two years worth of EXP flowed into Asuna *GLOP GLOP*

So yeah, yesterday’s post about Sword Art Online had me joking about the fact that Asuna was insinuating that they could have sex in SAO when she started stripping in front of Kirito. Because my common sense told me that it was obviously impossible to do so unless they wanted to teabag the whole night. Hours later, I found about that the author of the novels had a bonus chapter on his website…

*drum rolls*

Where Kirito and Asuna have sex in a CERO B video game.


…Wait, what?

So, lemme get this straight. An MMO developed by a major gaming company implemented a feature in which two players are able to engage in simulated intercourse. A game that was hyped up to an unbelievable level of notoriety before its release and apparently had a CERO rating low enough that minors are allowed to own the game or have it bought by their parents. A game that feels so real, it might as well replace real life.

Welp. 2022. Birth rates in Japan decrease even more. No wonder this whole brain-frying predicament happened in the first place. According to Reki Kawahara, ten years from now Japan’s video game safety checks and censorship becomes so lenient that they become lazy at the same time. Now, my question is, do they still blur out the genitalia in SAO? lololol

GLOP GLOP GLOP all over silica


Looks like I’m going to have to ignore the BS extras that the author put into the web novels if I’m going to take this series at least somewhat seriously. 😛

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  1. Acctually the explanation was that during the betta test, male players who experienced the full dive for the first time complained that it was disturbing to be missing body parts in such a realistic world and the company therefore decided to make the player avatars anatomically correct.

  2. @M1k3y: That’s even more ridiculous that they tried to hand-wave it with an explanation like that.

    “I want a functioning penis in this game. Thanks Blizzard!”

    “Don’t worry players, we’re here to serve you. Oh yeah, it’s still open for kids and teenagers.”

    The prospect of it is just too silly. I just can’t take it seriously, sorry. There’s suspension of disbelief, and then there’s a really bad excuse to write (bad) erotic content in an MMO story.

  3. M1k3y’s explanation is misleading. It’s not that the beta testers just complained, it’s that there was a notable change in their mental health after being in a dive for more than 48 hours. Why they would be testing for 48+ hour gaming sessions is beyond me.

    That aside, I felt the chapter was just incredibly awkward for various reasons. For one, at least in the translation I was reading, Kirito is explaining the whole experience, and as he’s explaining it, he dives down these ‘scene-justification’ tangents and returns to the matter at hand with an apology for digressing. As well, it happens to be both character’s first times at going at it (and Asuna admits to ‘playing single player’ in SAO, which is how she knows the option works), but Kirito is the boldest virgin I’ve ever heard of.

    Probably the most disturbing part of the whole scene is the fact that the author NEVER lets the reader forget that it’s taking place in a game. With the low amount of story/world development in the chapter coupled with the fact that it’s written in such an awkward (and disturbing) way, I fail to see what Kawahara was trying to accomplish with it.

    I’m glad I read it though. I find myself craving to know more about the full dive technology and the stories surrounding it, which is why I’m thoroughly enjoying the first part of volume 5. It seems that the more pointless the info is, the more interested I am. This is a feeling I never had until I started reading the novels before watching the anime.

  4. @Mikoto and @E0000B6FAF25838, I can understand your feelings of awkwardness about the scene, but I feel you two are looking at it the wrong way.

    First, I understand that you feel that it’s weird to have the feature in the game, especially because of minors playing the game. If the game were real, and the feature were real, then there would definitely be parental controls to prevent younger players from using this feature. That’s why there was the ethics code in the first place.

    It’s weird to think about simulated sex, but why not integrate it? People are always looking for new ways to experience each other. There’s nothing wrong with exploration, and at least in a VR world, you don’t have teens getting knocked up. It may be unethical, because we’re not used to the idea, but there are plenty of 16/17 year old teens going at as we speak. It’s kind of human nature to want that kind of relationship. So the game offers a safer means to have ‘fun.’

    If you’re looking at the this added chapter from our point of view (not from the perspective of the players or that reality), then I feel the author added this section to develop the relationship between Asuna and Kirito further. The two characters had gone through a lot together, and the author wanted to show how much the two trusted each other. That’s the point of sex right? Unless you’re a pig and just like to get off, you care about your partner. I feel sex should be an expression of deeply linked feelings between two people. That’s how I interpret the scene between Kirito and Asuna, and why I feel it was added into the story.

    On the other hand, looking at it from within the ‘reality’ itself, I could understand why the feature was added. The feature would allow for a larger demographic to be reached which means higher profit margins. It allows for users to bond in ways they could not normally do in other games which would offer a unique gameplay option.

    I know it seems trivial, and you could ask yourself, “why do you need to have sex to enjoy a game?” I suppose you don’t, but that’s besides the point in this case. The feature was added to separate this game from the rest of them. They created a world that is almost inseparable from the original world in ‘every’ way. Commercially speaking, I’d say the feature would have a lot more support to include it than not to include it.

    You could honestly look at it as online dating. What’s wrong with that? Maybe I’m a little to liberal, who knows? I hope you don’t take offense to my rant. 🙂 I just feel there is nothing wrong with the feature or the author’s want to add the content to the story.

  5. @Crimson http://i.imgur.com/92ZJnki.jpg
    😀 mfw an overweight dude wanting some sweet young pussy plays as a handsome young avatar, and the cute teen girl he’s been banging turns out to be a 50-year old predator.
    I’m no prude, but the whole sex system thing sounds like it would go downhill really quickly. Doesn’t sound safe at all. The future should really just stick to single-player VR Illusion games if people really need to get their rocks off. Want a relationship? Become a riajuu and get one in real life. Condoms and pills exist for couples that aren’t ready for little surprises (though seeing the birth rates of Japan, little surprises would be welcome), including adolescents (such as myself, huzzah 😛 ) whose brains won’t be fully developed until they’re 25 and should be learning from real life experiences anyway. Also, online dating reeks.
    I’m not much of a fan of Sword Art Online nor its writing, but feel free to like it as you so choose. After sitting through more than enough of it and others (Accel World, Log Horizon, etc.) I can safely say that I don’t really like MMO anime. Perhaps the reason why I actually like the .hack series is because their portrayal of MMO escapism is grounded in reality and the dialogue/plot/characters were three-dimensional and had focus – at no point did I ever feel like I was watching it “because it’s about a totally boss VRMMO video game” like the reason for some people enjoying the other aforementioned series.

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