Hyouka 21

Kininari... sad?

Episodes centering around Valentine’s Day usually tend to be all flowers and sunshine, maybe even comical. Surprisingly, Hyouka managed to make its Valentine’s Day episode a spiral of emotions. It was particularly jarring to see Chitanda act angry or depressed about anything, at least. Or seeing Satoshi going about something in an extremely dickish and alarming way, despite him being easygoing most of the time. Or seeing the apathetic Houtarou very openly give two shits about something right off the bat.

Looks like they’re trying to end Hyouka off with a character-focused bang before the end of the season and KyoAni’s doing a good job of it.

i'll show you a valentine's day you'll never forget

My reaction to Satoshi’s reason for playing “hard to get” with Mayaka can be summed up by Houtarou towards the end of the episode – “I just don’t get it.”

While I can understand that his rather unhealthy “treatment” for his winning complex and trying erase his desires in pursuing anything worth devoting himself to is related to his low self-confidence (which was shown a few episodes back), I honestly don’t understand how deeply-rooted it is for him to completely disregard the feelings of his close friends with the staged “stolen chocolate” mystery (completely saw it coming, by the way). I mean, it has to be deeply-rooted for a high school kid to refuse a cute relationship with a cute girl because of it. He still has his youth, there’s absolutely no reason for him to try and act like his life would be ruined by putting a little commitment into something. If anything, actively avoiding things that you might want to invest enjoyment in is a waste of that youth, more than anything.

He’s indirectly projecting his personal problems onto other people, personal problems that only he can comprehend. That’s pretty selfish. In contrast to Hotarou, I say Satoshi putting all of his energy into being JUST a “human database” is just as productive as Houtarou preferring to not use that energy for anything if necessary. I like how dimensional his character is, but I seriously think he may have some kind of mental disorder with the way he goes about things.

I'm not being obvious, am I?

No, not at all

If there are any disappointments leftover for when the series finally concludes, I will say it will because of the whole Houtarou/Chitanda thing going nowhere. They show so many signs of both physical and emotional attraction that it would just be a cruel tease if nothing comes out of it.

Especially with Kyoto Animation’s habit of leaving behind really good series in favor of focusing on news things to drop. If Hyouka ends on note where it’s open for a second series… WELP.

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  1. Well, mega-probability there will be no kiss. Houtarou is (generally) not going to show emotion, and what is expressed is an emotion of control (grabbing both Chitanda and Satoshi). On the other hand, Chitanda is growing up in a family that doesn’t give outward expressions of caring, so a kiss is defintely out for her. We might get a few seconds of hand-holding, and a couple of sheepish smiles, but neither would go so out-of-the-box as to kiss. If there is a second season, whenever that happens, I’d like to see, maybe, Houtarou use his skills to help with a problem at the shrine, then maybe something that helps Chitanda’s family, gradually expanding his circle of acquaintences outside of school. For Satoshi and Mayaka, maybe he finds use for his database expertise with something that helps the Manga Club and the two of them work on a manga together. I guess we’ll find out. I’ve enjoyed this anime as long as I haven’t tried to compare it to others very much.

  2. @SmithCB: Those seem to be very nice ideas going by how their characters work. I also don’t see anything more intimate happening between Houtarou and Chitanda when the season concludes, and I kind of expect KyoAni to beat around the bush with a second season. I’m fine if they left it open if they were going to make a second season, and if they were, I expect them to continue with their other series too (FMP, Haruhi, Lucky Star, and even K-ON!, still have ongoing sources like Hyouka that painfully deserve it).

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